Combatting Loneliness When Moving To A New Area

Learn about recognising and combatting loneliness when you move to a new area, with helpful information and tips to help you feel more at home.


Moving to a new area can be such an emotional rollercoaster. The high of a fresh start, a brand new property and new beginnings – it’s a hotbed of emotion and feelings that are up there with some of the best feelings you can ever experience in life. But, if we are honest, there are some big challenges too that don’t feel so great, including feeling lonely in a new area.


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Why Do We Feel Lonely When Moving To A New Area?


There are lots of reasons that a person might feel lonely when they move to a new area, including:


  • Disconnection from loved ones and friends through distance
  • A feeling of everything being unfamiliar
  • A lack of nearby support network when things are difficult
  • Cultural differences
  • Feeling generally homesick and missing your old place
  • A fear of rejection by your new community
  • A lack of social opportunities, especially in more isolated areas
  • Self isolation because of a lack of confidence making new friends

The Impact Of Loneliness


According to the Campaign to End Loneliness, when loneliness is allowed to continue for a long time, it can increase our risk of dying by over 25%, increase blood pressure, make us perform less effectively at work, and it’s even known to make over 60% of young people lose confidence in themselves.


When we experience loneliness after moving house it can be highly impactful, especially if you’ve moved with family who will be concerned for you and potentially lonely themselves, too. It’s important to identify moving house loneliness quickly to avoid the impact dragging on, and getting worse.

Combatting Loneliness When Moving To A New Area


To help you quickly combat loneliness after your house move, try the following:


Embrace Change


Change is something that happens throughout life, and if you can embrace the change you are going through in your new location, you’ll find things much easier. It’s happened, you’ve moved and there are lots of new things to enjoy – by embracing this and ‘going with the flow’ you’ll find you adapt much quicker.


Get Out And Explore


Explore your new surroundings so that they become familiar. Your new area will have so much to offer. Outdoor spaces, shops, cafes – get out there and enjoy what’s amazing about this new locale.


Join Local Groups


You can build a new community and get to know your neighbours in your new area. Saying hello and introducing yourself, joining local hobby groups and offering to volunteer at local events will bond you to the people in this new area, and give you a sense of security and belonging. You will have to put yourself out there, but the reward will be directly combatting your sense of loneliness so it is well worth while.



Use Social Media & Other Local Social Apps


There are various apps you can use to meet local people, and to stay in the loop about local events. Speaking to people online and on apps might also be a way to dip your toe into socialising with new local people if you feel a little hesitant about directly introducing yourself.



Stay In Touch With Your Main Circle


Using technology and arranging meetups (if you’re close enough) with loved ones can help remind you that you do have a secure social circle and you are still very much loved. It’s a great way to lean on those who care for you whilst you settle into your new home.



Walk Around


If you have a dog, taking walks locally is a fantastic way to meet new people. Dog people love to talk to each other as their pets naturally say hi. Even if you don’t have a dog, walking locally and giving a smile and a ‘hello’ to those you see will also get you used to local faces, and give you the opportunity to have a conversation.


Helping Children Combat Loneliness After A House Move


Moving to a new house is an adventure that many kids feel excited about. Most, are also a little bit hesitant about this new move as it’s a big change and it represents lots of social challenges.


To help your children settle in, explore the local area as a family. Check out parks, amusements, cafes and playgrounds so they have a positive outlook when it comes to their new local area. During your visits to those areas, especially local parks, encourage your children to engage with other children and get to know them.


Naturally, your children will also look around the neighbourhood for kids of a similar age who might be playing together already. This is not only a great opportunity for them to play with other kids, but for you to meet your neighbours too as you speak to parents and actively supervise your child as they interact with new children.


Of course, your children will also meet new kids in the local school. This is a natural way for them to make lots of new friends, and for you to meet parents at the school gates. Don’t be afraid to quickly suggest play dates so that there are quick plans in place for your child to make new connections.


Most importantly, you should focus on communicating with your child and ensuring they feel safe enough to express how they feel about the move. Let them know it is normal to miss their old friends and house, and that they will also benefit from embracing new friends and everything this new area has to offer. Keep to a routine throughout and keep everything calm and stable so they feel safe in their new place, and have somewhere to be themselves and relax between all the new social excitement and activity. The more supported and secure your child feels, the more confident and able they will be to form new connections in your new local area.

You Can Build A Better Life In Your New Area

You have all the power for combatting loneliness in a new area and moving on from feeling unfamiliar in your new home. Actively engage with local people, places and activities, and tap into all the relevant online resources so that you’re throwing yourself into this new chapter. You will build meaningful connections, and soon enough, this temporary loneliness will be far behind you, as you create a home you love, and a strong local network.


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