Create More Space in Your Home Room By Room

Find out how to embrace all the space available in your home. Create more space in your home with these room by room space saving tips.


How to Create More Space in Your Home

These days, whether you rent or buy, you pay a premium for space. Every single square foot costs money every month, to live-in, to maintain. So it makes sense that you want to make the most of that space. One thing that ensures you don’t make the most of your space in your home, is clutter. Clutter is a really big space-absorber. It only takes one pile of newspapers, or some unloved ornaments on a shelf to take space up unnecessarily. On top of that, a disorganised space can be enough to claim space. If items need to be in a room but they aren’t stored as well as they could be, the room can feel much more enclosed. Even a bad room layout can affect how much space there is, disguising the potential for a much more open and spacious room.

If you’re looking to create more space in your home, this room by room guide will help you get a fresher, more spacious house in no time:

The Kitchen

Kitchens can easily become claustrophobic. Sometimes they’re already pint-sized and don’t have any room to spare. But there are also tons of things you can do to ensure your kitchen is as open as possible.

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Kitchens aren’t free of the dreaded clutter curse. In fact, if you’re into cooking and food, and you spend a lot of time in there, it can easily become crowded. Try to choose one of each gadget, and sell or donate the rest. Have a mug chuck, because mugs multiply quickly and the mug cupboard can get full easily. Go through each area of the kitchen and think hard about what you really use and need, and let the rest go.

Vertical Storage

Vertical storage is so useful because it takes items away from precious countertop space. Handy vertical solutions like knife magnets and hanging baskets will provide you with extra storage and more space exactly where you need it.

Thin Spaces

There are always slivers of space in kitchens that tend to gather dust and debris. It may be you have a space like that that you can utilise. A little rolling cupboard or pull out baskets could work well in a thin space, providing storage and preventing debris build up that is difficult to clean.

Space Overhead

Kitchens with islands often have storage hanging above them for pans and other items. You could create hanging storage from anywhere secure enough to take the weight of the items you want to store. Even just a set of hanging baskets will provide an attractive and useful vegetable and fruit storer.

Move Your Dining Area

If you have a kitchen/ diner then you will likely have a big table for eating. Could that table be switched for a smaller table? Could you add on breakfast bars to your kitchen instead? Where you sit down to eat is an important space, but it could be minimised to create more space elsewhere.

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Clear Your Windowsill

You might have accumulated plants on your windowsill because they breathe life into the kitchen. But they actually block out light and make the entire room look darker and more cluttered than it is. Have one or two small to medium pot plants and leave the rest of the windowsill clear. You’ll be shocked at the difference it makes.

If you focus on the practical elements of your kitchen first and how it works best as a kitchen, you should find that you automatically create more space that way. How it looks always comes second to how it works best for your family.

The Bathroom

Bathrooms have a lot of pressure on them to work well as a space because they have so many different roles. They have to be dressing rooms, rooms for relaxation, rooms for bathing with the children, for pampering and grooming. So there’s lots of reasons the room needs to be as spacious as possible. These ideas will help your bathroom reach its full spacial potential in no time:

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Neutral Colours

It is an old piece of interior design advice, but it still stands the test of time. A neutral colour scheme in your bathroom that runs floor to ceiling will make it look infinitely bigger.

Bring In as Much Light as Possible

Clear the windowsill, clean the windows and allow the light to flow through. If there are no side windows, perhaps you could consider a skylight to open the space up even more.

Chuck the Ornaments And Switch For Light Accessories

Bathroom ornaments are unnecessary. There’s never any need for a bathroom ornament. Plants can add oxygen and life into the room, and they are about as ornamental as it should get in this particular space. Otherwise, ditch the ornaments and switch them with practical, neutral accessories. Light towels, candles (for bath time) – think minimalist and always practical first.

Chic Storage

As bathrooms are so practical there is often a lot of necessary clutter that can quickly make a space look small. Add clever storage solutions like corner units, under-sink storage and attractive baskets to keep everything organised and where possible, hidden, until you need to use it.

Your bathroom can be beautiful and spacious. It just takes some ingenuity and control of the many items you need, but don’t want to see.

The Living Room

Living rooms are one of the key places in the home that we all want to create more space. Whether it is to entertain guests, have the kids play whilst you watch a bit of TV, or just because it is the room you spend the most time in, you most likely would love extra space in your living room. These tips and tricks will help you transform your living room into a spacious place to spend time in:

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Get the Layout Right

To make the most of floor space, you have to think through your layout. A really common design mistake is to push everything against the walls, but that actually ends up making the space more cramped. Keeping your sofas and chairs more central will actually create more space. When planning your layout you will also want to think about storage. Have a coffee table with drawers underneath, a pouffe with a hollow middle, a TV table with shelving and drawers.

Get the Decorating Right

When it comes to decorating to enhance the space, soft pastels or the very on trend grey shades will make the space feel bigger. It will also help any bright accessories to pop. Bright rugs and artwork can still be integrated so the space doesn’t have to be boring. Just look at light reflecting tones overall for maximum space.

Make It Look Bigger

There are tons of tricks you can do to make the room seem bigger than it is. Full length curtains draw the eye to the height of the room, and high shelving does the same. Mirrors reflect the light, and rugs that extend beyond the sofas will also accentuate the space. Lighting is also a key way to trick the eye to believing a space is bigger than it is. Lamps, candles, fairy lights and other lighting provides you with the ability to light up all the corners of the room when and how you want to.

The Bedroom

The bedroom is the place you go to sleep and dream. If it is cramped or cluttered, that could make you stressed exactly when you need to be relaxed. If you want your bedroom to be a bright, light and airy space, these tips will help you:

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Ditch the Standalone Furniture

Any standalone pieces like wardrobes can look great, but sometimes they just take up space that made-to-measure pieces wouldn’t. Maximise your storage with built-in furniture that instantly brings you more floor space.

Declutter Your Wardrobe

Your clothes take up a lot of space, and it may be you have more space than you realise because you haven’t had a clearout in a while. You could possibly save half your wardrobe space by putting your off-season wardrobe into cheap self storage. You may also have at least a quarter of your wardrobe you don’t wear, that you could donate or sell. Get everything out and think carefully about what goes back in. Space you save could hold a shoe rack or vanity cupboard that currently uses floor space in the bedroom.

Get a Smaller Bed

You may have always dreamed of a giant sleigh bed, or similarly large bed, but in this particular space, maybe you’d rather have the floor space. Switch your bulky bed for one with just as big a mattress, but a smaller more minimalist frame and you can snooze just as well, but with more room to enjoy your bedroom.

The key to a spacious bedroom is storage and ensuring the furniture you have is practical and perfectly sized for its use. If you get storage and practicalities right, you’re most of the way to a gorgeous fresh and airy bedroom you can enjoy.

The Garden

The garden can easily become cluttered and cramped because it is seperate from the house so we don’t have to worry about it as much as we would a cramped living room. However, come summer, it is worth maximising the space in the garden because it means you can enjoy the space as much as you should be able to. These tips and tricks will ensure your garden is as airy and spacious as it should be for when it finally gets sunny:


Gardens can get cluttered so easily because once it is outside it is out of mind. Decluttering the garden will create more space and make the garden look ten times better. Sell large children’s toys you no longer use, any garden tools you don’t need, and get rid of items that are broken. It could be worth investing in some cheap self storage where you can store any seasonal items that take up space out of season.

Create Zones

Open plan spaces in the house are ‘zoned’ in order to ensure that the area is practical and divided even though there are no walls dividing the space. You can do the same to the garden so that it is organised and placed in a way that maximises space and ensures you get the best use out of it. Dining areas, relaxation areas, growing areas and areas for storage are all zones you can create either with your own designs or with the help of a landscape gardener.

Invest In Storage

Your garage can be used to store items from the garden. But like many people, maybe you use it as a gym or to store your car. Having storage for your garden means your items will be organised and won’t take up precious space. A small storage box may be all you need to keep your garden tools and accessories safe. Or a small shed may do the trick. If you have large garden items you want to keep safe, you may want to look into local self storage units where you can pay a monthly contract to keep your items safe, dry and separate from your garden space.

Rethink Your Plants

Plants can be so invasive and they take up so much space if you let them. Any large shrubs or bushes could be better removed. Or cut right back to enhance lawn area or make more room for smaller plants. Look at all the different things growing in your garden and think about whether they earn their place. Maybe you love your huge rose bush, or you enjoy the bushy shrubs that get leafy in spring, in which case those plants have earned their place. However, it may be that you realise a shrub takes up room that could be used for growing vegetables or for a dining area. Consider all the plants in your garden and whether they take up room you would rather use for something else.

Create the Time to Create More Space

It is worth making the time to create space in your home so you can enjoy every square foot of your home you spend your hard earned money on. Whether you need multi-purpose furniture, cheap self storage, a clearout or lighter colour schemes, with a little planning and creativity you can create a light and airy home that is more spacious than you ever thought it could be.






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