Has Your Home Got Good Feng Shui?

Is your home as zen as it could be? Find out if you have good Feng Shui and how to improve it in this article.

A home with good feng shui


The world is not getting any less crazy. With that in mind, it is more important than ever that our homes are our havens. The ancient philosophy and ideas of Feng Shui can help produce a more mindful and zen home. So whether you’re looking to boost the vibe of your current place, or you’re looking to move to a place that’s already got its Feng Shui in order, you should consider the following:

How The House Looks Outside Matters

Feng Shui philosophy says if a house does not look great outside, the energy inside won’t be so good either. Plants that are cared for suggest the house inside is cared for too. The roof, fence and path should all be in good order. Essentially, good curb appeal reflects good energy inside the home.

Where Is The House?

The overall vibe of the area the house is located has an impact on the home itself. Houses nearby should be well cared for, and the nature in the area should be thriving. Empty homes, church yards, concrete jungles and other lifeless signs suggest a lack of positive energy.

House History

Feng Shui says the land and building that makes up the home holds the energy of events gone by. Any deaths, family breakdowns, depression, health problems, fights and other history in the house becomes part of its makeup. This can then seep into the residents of the house over time.

Avoid Being At The Heart Of A T

According to Feng Shui no house should be at the heart of a T. So if you live in a house where roads end at your location, this is a bad thing. You can find a good explainer for this here.

Clutter Be Gone

Clutter is bad in any decor philosophy, but especially in Feng Shui. It is a bad reflection on the energy you want in the home. This includes cheap self storage units, your closets, garages and so on. Ideally your furniture will be purposeful and functional and you will keep accessories and items you have in excess, tidied away neatly in your cheap self storage unit, garage or other areas but especially not cluttering up the home.

The Front Door & Entryway

Feng Shui says that the front door is how energy flows into your home. For this reason, the front door should be clear. In addition, the entryway itself should be free from clutter, inviting and well decorated.

Furniture Positioning

Your furniture should be in a commanding position, according to Feng Shui. Wherever you are doing the main activity of the room (lying in bed or, cooking, getting dressed etc) you should be able to see your door. This is most important in bedrooms where the bed should be against a solid wall where the door is visible.

Using the tips above you can have a home that has a better overall feel. Feng Shui might not work for everybody but it does help provide some guidance as to paying more care and attention to the place you choose to live. It can’t hurt to consider it, especially if you’re looking to get better energy at home during this chaotic and unpredictable times. It




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