House Moving Scams: Stay Aware

Find out how to stay aware of house moving scams so you can have peace of mind you’re in great hands as you relocate.

Safety first avoid house moving scams online

Most moving companies can be trusted, but these days, there are a few nasty people in every industry and it is so important to stay vigilant and aware.

With such a stressful life change like moving especially, it really is better to be safe than sorry.

Let’s take a look at a few things to stay aware of and check when you’re moving, so you avoid common moving scams:

How House Moving Scams Tend To Work

Usually a moving scam will involve items of yours going missing during the move. This will involve belongings in boxes being exchanged for bricks or other weighted items. You would then only discover the exchange long after the moving company is gone. A removals scam may also simply drive away with all your belongings.

What To Look Out For

Odd Jobs

On social media there can be companies who advertise themselves as being able to do all kinds of odd jobs. Often they will reply to a posting a person will put out there asking if anybody can recommend a moving company. If you get a recommendation this way be careful to check out the person replying as they may well not be qualified to help you move.


There are certain warning signs to look for when you get quotes for a house move including:

  • A very cheap quote
  • Vague responses to your questions
  • A vague quote overall
  • An amateur looking email/ personal email address
  • No contact details for the company

Don’t be afraid to make several enquiries on the phone or over email if you’re not sure about a company.

Self Storage

Often a moving company will work with a cheap self storage unit because so often, a family using self storage will need moving services too. If you ask your cheap self storage unit for a recommendation, you can feel a little more assured that the moving company has already laid down a good foundation of work.


Any removals company should have good insurance and they should advise you to get extra insurance for the move too. They should have plenty of replies to your questions about insurance. If they don’t, they might not be legitimate.


Can you find recommendations about the company online? Even negative reviews show you that the company is at least well known and it is a great sign if they respond politely to their negative review. If there isn’t much of them online at all, that’s usually not a great sign.

Money Upfront

Be really careful about companies asking for money upfront. If they do want a deposit there will usually be paperwork explaining what the deposit is for and what the terms are. Don’t part with any money unless you are 100% sure of the legitimacy of the company.

Phone Avoidance

Phone avoidance is a big sign a company is not legitimate. You might only ever get text messages or emails from the company right until moving day, when people arrive who you can only assume are those you spoke to on the phone.

If You’re Unsure, Move On

The best thing to do when you are looking for a moving company is to ask lots of questions, do lots of research and get a quote in person if you can. If you are ever unsure, don’t risk your belongings, just move on. The right company will be happy to show you their experience, knowledge and professionalism throughout the entire process. The result of choosing the right company is a great house move that leaves you with your belongings safe and unpacked with you in your new home.

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