How To Be Green With Self-Storage

Find out how to combine your green, eco-friendly values with your need for additional storage space, with useful tips, information and advice.

Fingers pointing at planet earth emphasising green values

Going green isn’t just something reserved for people attending barefoot festivals like it used to be, now we have all caught up with the fact that the responsibility for our planet belongs to all of us.

If you are looking for more ways to be eco-friendly, one surprising area you can be more green is with your cheap self storage unit. Want to know more? Read on for tips to be more green with your self storage habits:

Choose An Eco-friendly Facility

OK, so you won’t get a facility where everyone is vegan and they run climate control off energy supplied by solar panels, but you might get a unit that ‘does its bit’. If they have any eco-awareness they are likely to shout about it and will want you to know. It could just be using boxes that are recyclable or using efficient moving vehicles. Do ask though, so you at least have the choice in putting your money into businesses who align with your ethics.

Pack Green

The packing materials you use could actually be quite bad for the environment and you can make a big difference by changing what you pack your goods with. Recycled banana boxes from the supermarket are very strong and excellent for self storage. You could also use tape made from biodegradable plastic, avoid plastic containers and foam peanuts, and use old newspaper and other items to wrap your goods in.

Consider Where Your Items Go After Storage

It is so easy to throw items you no longer want in your unit into a black bag and into the bin. This will just go to landfill, which effects the earth in a really destructive way, especially when plastic ends up in the sea. Instead of just throwing things out, could you gift them? Sell them? Upcycle them?

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Make Moving Day More Eco Friendly

You may be using self storage as part of your house move, in which case you could extend your eco awareness to your moving day. Using minimal vehicles, and as few trips as possible, as well as eco-friendly cleaning materials and methods, and green building methods, will all reduce the impact of your move on the environment.

Choose A Unit You Don’t Have To Drive To

Of course you have to drive to and from the unit with larger goods, but if you mainly have to stock check and grab smaller items, can you also get there by bus or by walking?

If your London storage is eco friendly then they may have more suggestions for you. Some facilities have recycling areas and even rules on rubbish and what you do with it. It may just seem like one small way to do your bit, but if everybody does it, the overall impact is really good and helps towards the reduction in negative environmental impact from us all as a whole.


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