How To Create More Storage Space In Your Garden

Read about easy ways to add more storage space in your garden, so that you can enjoy more space and organisation in your outside space.A garden with storage needs

The garden is a space that we often pay more for when we buy a property. It is lovely having easy access to the fresh air and nature within just a few steps of the home.

Just like your indoor space, the outdoor space can become cluttered and disorganised. Soon enough, it may look as nice as you want it to, and it may not be as practical as it was before, because it is untidy. To help you enjoy a more minimalist and streamlined outdoor space, take a look at these tips to help you create more storage space in your garden:

Declutter Everything You Don’t Want

Just like your indoor space, there will be items in your garden you could sell, gift to charity or throw away. There’s no point in adding storage for items you don’t actually want, so it makes sense to declutter first.

Cut Back

It may be that you don’t feel you have space to put any storage, but you might just need to make a few changes in the garden. Maybe it is just a case of cutting back trees and bushes that have overgrown, or removing an unused trampoline or large item that has become part of the furniture.

Consider A Self-Build

Sometimes the items available on the market do not suit your needs because of the shape. Maybe you have a corner of the garden that is perfect for self storage, or an uneven area that simply couldn’t hold a normal shed. Self-build options could be a really good idea for your garden storage. There are so many Youtube videos helping you understand the basics, and with a tape measure and a few cheap tools and materials you could make something that suits your garden really easily.

Could Your Current Storage Work Better?

It may be that your current shed or storage could work better for you. Maybe you need to add some shelving, reconsider what is stored in the shed, or utilise the space on offer more. Either way, it is always worth looking at the storage you do have differently to see if the answer to your storage needs was there all along.

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Have You Considered Smaller Storage Options?

As well as sheds and large storage units, there are smaller storage options available for the garden. Small lockable boxes can sometimes be easier to place, and perhaps your items will fill several smaller boxes across the garden, tidying your things away without you needing a large space for storage.

If All Else Fails…

If all else fails and you really do need additional storage for your garden and none of the above can help, why not consider cheap self storage? Self storage in London, or local to you, could be exactly what you need for the storage of items you don’t need immediate access to. Perhaps your shed is so full of camping gear or ski equipment, used just once a year, other items you use more regularly don’t have anywhere to be stored. Cheap self storage enables you to store your garden items easily and conveniently, leaving you a more streamline and organised outdoor space to enjoy day to day.

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