How To Have A Stress-Free Winter Move

Find out how to have a house move that is much lower in stress during the colder months, which can make moving house more difficult. 

A house with snow in winter ready for a house move

Moving house is stressful anyway, without then adding in a winter move to make it more difficult. Didn’t they get the memo? Winter is for hibernating, not for moving house! If you have to move house in winter, don’t fret, there are ways to make it slightly less stressful. Take a look at these easy ways to make your winter move less stressful:

  1. Give Yourself Time

Weather in winter isn’t as predictable as in summer (and even then you can never tell!). So it is important to plan for delays and out of season roadworks when planning your move. IE it may not all happen in one day. Speak to your removals team about maybe splitting the process between a couple of days, or if you are moving yourself, give yourself more days to move, focusing mainly on the hours of the day that are light.

  1. Dress (Yourself And Everybody Else) For The Weather

Good sturdy footwear, layers and also a box of spares in the car will help you move without being freezing, soaking or slipping over. Having spares for the kids will also help ensure they are comfortable all day too.

  1. Have A Handy Box

Have a box with snacks, a flask and tea making essentials for breaks. You should also have a box full of things to set the house up so you don’t have to wait to unpack boxes to spend your first night there.

  1. Cover The Floors

Cover the floors of the cars and your two homes with sheeting because muddy shoes will make a huge mess everywhere.

  1. Get A Car Winter Check

The chances are, even if you have a moving company help you move, you will still be driving to and from cheap self storage, between houses, estate agents, and everywhere else. A winter car check will stop any emergencies happening because of a break down.

  1. Have Warmth In Your New Home

It is the worst thing moving into a new home that is cold and unwelcoming, especially when you have children. Make sure to instruct the estate agents to have the previous owners leave the heating on for when you move in.

  1. Get Pet Care

Pet care is so important when it comes to moving house in winter. Because the nights get dark earlier and pets don’t mind coming out with muddy paws, there is a certain chaos to pets that only happens in the winter months. Do get cats and dogs somewhere to stay whether that is a cattery and a kennels or with a friend or family member. It will ensure the pets have a happier transition into your new home and takes a later of stress from your move too.

Hopefully, with our tips, your winter move will be less stressful. Remember, the more planning you do, the more likely you are to be able to handle any of the unexpected hurdles that inevitably arise.


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