How To Help Your Parent Move Into Care

Read about our top tips to help your parents move into a care home or sheltered accommodation

Elderly couple contemplating a move into care

If your parents need to move into care, the situation can be quite stressful for everyone involved. Nobody wants to leave the home they love. However, if the decision has been made, and it means your parents will be safe and cared for, then it is the best option moving forward.

With this in mind, focusing on helping your parents move into care in the easiest most stress-free way is a good thing to focus on. The sooner they are in their new place and settled, the sooner a great new chapter of their life can begin.

As you relocate your parents into care, here are some useful tips to help the process run smoothly:

Get Some Help

If you think professional help in the form of financial advice or house moving services will be useful, get those booked first. During busy seasons certain services can be booked up weeks and sometimes months in advance.

Acknowledge That It Will Be Emotional

Unfortunately there are a wide range of emotions involved in the process of moving into care, for your parents, for the rest of the family and for you.

There might be anger, resentment, sadness, fear and possibly every other emotion on the spectrum. By understanding that these emotions may come up in lots of different ways, you can all support each other and understand that the process will be a bit of an emotional whirlwind.

Be Respectful

Sometimes it can be easy to put our organised head on and forget that there are people involved in what we are doing.

Take a step back and try and remember that the house you are helping your parents sort out, is everything they worked for their entire lives. Being respectful of their feelings and the situation will ensure that feelings are spared as much as possible.

Utilise Cheap Self Storage

If you need to quickly move your parents into care then you could find a lot of use in self storage. Cheap self storage provides you with the space to move the items from your parents home into somewhere safe until a time when you are able to sort them out properly.

Cheap self storage is also useful if your parents are only going into care temporarily, or if you have a live-in carer moving into their home.

Help Your Parents Focus On The Future

Throughout the entire process of moving, you should help your parents focus on what is ahead.

Whilst there will be reminiscing about the past, you want your loved ones to know how much there is ahead of them to look forward to. This can be a wonderful new chapter of their life, especially if they have been actively struggling at home.

Hopefully the tips above have helped you feel a little better about moving your parents into care. It will be emotional, stressful and difficult at times. However, with a respectful and careful approach, it can run smoothly.

Eventually your parents will settle and most importantly, start making happy new memories in their new home.







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