How To Organise A Self Storage Unit Being Used To Help Settle An Estate

If you are using a self storage unit to help settle an estate for a loved one, these tips can help you organise it efficiently.

People settle an estate

Although we might have the best intentions of planning our estate before we pass, sadly, it doesn’t always happen. Sometimes, even when we do plan our estate and leave a will, disputes can still happen. Even if everything is legally clear, there’s a lot of organisation to be completed before the estate can be completely settled.

Self storage to settle an estate

Many families choose to use cheap self storage to help with the estate of a deceased loved one. Whether the estate is clearly dealt out, or there is a legal dispute or lack of clarity, having some neutral middle ground to store the contents of the property can be very helpful. It is however, important to ensure that the items are properly organised inside. To help you with the organisation of your self storage unit, here are some handy tips:

Record Everything That Goes In And Out Of The Unit

Keep a log book of what is submitted in the unit, and what is taken out and by whom. Try to include photographic evidence if you can. This may seem very detailed but, in the case of valuables it is important as it can help with any potential disputes later on down the line. If more than one person has access to the unit, ask them to use the logbook as well.

Label Boxes And Bags

It is helpful to label boxes and bags with two different sets of information. The first piece of information should detail what the item is, going into detail if necessary. The second piece of information should then detail who the item is for, or who the box of items is for. If the items are not for any specific person the executor of the will or the solicitor will decide where they need to go.

Avoid Mixing Units

If you have a cheap self storage unit yourself it is a good idea not to use that unit for the estate items. Ideally you will have a separate unit for that use. It is also important that the unit used to settle the estate items is not used by anybody to store their own belongings as this may lead to confusion and disorganisation.

Try To Leave Everything Easy To Get To

If you can, organise the unit so that the items are all easy to get to. If things are piled too high, or the unit is too tightly packed in, it may be difficult to get to everything easily.

Don’t Assume You Will Remember Everything

Sometimes self storage units holding the contents of an estate have to be held for a long time as the legalities are sorted out. For that reason, it is important to avoid assuming you will remember where everything is. It also safeguards anybody else handling the unit in the event you cannot get to it in the future. Label everything, keep a log and send a statement of contents and unit details to the solicitor or the executor. That way, the details aren’t only held with you.

Don’t Throw Anything Away

Even the most basic items can be meaningful to friends and family, so it is important not to throw anything away without consulting somebody first.

When you lose a loved one, it can be a really challenging time. Emotionally you’re grieving and practically, there’s a lot to sort out at the same time.

Keeping a self storage unit to help with the process of sorting out an estate is important, and helpful. Keeping it well organised is not just important, but essential. Follow our tips above and if you are ever in doubt, reach out to the solicitor, to your friends and family. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to placing the items of a deceased loved one.

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