How To Organise Your Garage With Ease

Top tips to help you organise your garage easily, making the most of this great additional space on your property.

How to organise your garage - a well organised garage space

Garages are extremely useful spaces that are becoming increasingly rare as properties become smaller and parking space comes at a premium. As they are a space we pay extra for, whether that is in rent or in the cost of the home, they really should be utilised.

How To Organise Your Garage With Ease

When your garage is cluttered, it can be so easy to forget about it because it is not within the home. It is so easy to forget about, especially if you don’t really go in there and choose to keep your car on an external parking spot. However, it really could be a useful space with many uses including:

  • Car storage for your family car, as garage storage often brings the cost of insurance down
  • Vintage car or bike storage for a ‘sunday vehicle’ you have always wanted
  • A gym space or other recreational space
  • An area to store garden furniture or toys that could be weather-damaged in winter
  • Storage for sports equipment
  • Space for hobby items like skis or bikes

This kind of thinking is a really great place to start with your garage decluttering process. If you think about how you would love to use your garage it gives you a reason to declutter it. Draw out a plan with different areas of the garage and how you might use them. A shelf for gardening tools, a cupboard to store the soft furnishings for your outdoor relaxation space, an area at the back with mats for your weights rack. Think about how best you can use the garage to your advantage.

The Decluttering

Now you know why you need to clear your garage out, the big task is getting it done. Here are our tops tips to help you clear out your garage with ease:

  • Set aside a weekend to do it, and commit to doing it during that time
  • Have everything on hand that you need to do the job including black bags, boxes and labels
  • Put any charity bags straight into your car and take them to charity
  • Anything you are selling should be listed online ASAP to avoid it just sitting there. If it doesn’t sell, commit to taking it to the tip or charity as soon as possible
  • Don’t avoid the corners full of horrible mouldy cardboard and other rubble, be brave and clear it out
  • Be ruthless, do you ever really use that canoe?
  • Stick it out to the end: any left over jobs will be left for longer than you might like to think


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Where Do I Store My Things Now The Garage Is Repurposed?

If you do repurpose your garage for a car or for a recreational space you may wonder where you are going to store your things in future. The thing is, that your garage was likely never the best place for storing your things anyway. The garage isn’t a great storage space for anything other than a car and gardening tools because it is:

  • open to pests
  • exposed to extreme temperatures
  • at risk of extreme weather issues like flooding
  • likely to be dusty and has mould spores from moisture
  • a target for thieves

More often than not we store things in the garage because it is convenient. Realistically, if you want to store your things effectively in a clean environment that is secure and climate controlled, then cheap self storage is the answer. It is affordable and definitely a great idea if you value the items you wish to store. It is also a useful option if you need to clear your garage out quickly.

Happy clearing!





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