How To Prepare For Self Storage Quickly

Find out how to prepare for self storage quickly in the event of a pressing situation.

A couple prepare for self storage

Any packing, or beginning to prepare for self storage for that matter, is usually something we have time to take our time doing. Time to think carefully about what goes into the box, to label the box properly and to place it with care.

Sometimes though, packing is something that has to be done really quickly. Maybe the house exchange has come through quicker than expected. Maybe you have to leave your property quickly for another reason. Perhaps a relative has passed away and you have limited time to clear their home.

Life happens, and often that means quickly dealing with things that would usually take longer.

Whether you are packing for self storage, or for another reason, we can help. We have some really helpful tips to help you pack effectively, but at speed.

Here’s how to prepare for self storage quickly:


Should you be in a position to have to leave anything behind, you don’t want to be leaving anything expensive, or that can’t be replaced. The first boxes you pack should be full of the items you consider to be the most important.

Don’t Rush Where Your Things Go

It is important that no matter how much of a rush you are in, you still take the time to consider where your things go carefully. Placing your belongings in the wrong environment could result in them being damaged or even destroyed.

This is especially true with self storage. Choose the wrong cheap self storage unit and you could end up with all kinds of problems. Instead, take a moment to consider your various options, paying particular attention to security, which is really important when it comes to keeping your things safe.

Go Overboard With Protection

You might be quickly stuffing everything into bags and boxes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t quickly over-protect your items. Even if you are shoving newspaper between the items, that’s better than nothing at all.

If You Can Take Your Time Doing Anything – Label

If you can take your time with any part of packing, labelling is a really great idea. That’s because it enables you to quickly reach items you need in the future. It also helps you to have at least some understanding of what is in each box so you can treat that box accordingly. For example: having a label that says ‘fragile kitchen stuff’ on it isn’t a ton of detail. However, it does tell you not to shove heavy boxes on top, so the label could essentially save the whole box from being crushed.

Don’t Worry About Perfect Packaging Equipment

You may have wanted strong amazing boxes and a labeller, packing peanuts and foam. However, when you’re in a rush the budget and time you have may not allow for that. Instead, utilise what you have. Here are some items you may already have in your home that work as great packing accessories:

  • Recycling bags
  • Banana boxes or veggie boxes
  • Sellotape (not as good as packing tape but it will do!)
  • Newspaper
  • Kitchen roll
  • Toilet roll and kitchen roll tubes
  • Carrier bags
  • Old towels

All of these items can help you protect and package your things really well.

With our tips above, you can pack your items quickly for cheap self storage. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect. You can always go back and repack when the time allows. In the meantime, be resourceful and creative. They might not be perfectly packed, but sure enough your things will be safe in self storage until you can get to them again.




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