How To Switch To A Larger Self Storage Unit Easily

Find out how to swap to a larger self storage unit easily and quickly without having to put in much time and effort.

Warehouse containing a larger self storage unit space

When you utilise handy cheap self storage, you might feel happy with the size of your unit, and transferring to a larger self storage unit might not be on the cards. However, the situation can sometimes arise where you do need a bigger unit. Common reasons that a person may need a larger unit are:

  • Seasonal storage fluctuations
  • A business has grown, more stock is needed
  • You’ve an additional project on top of reasons you already use self storage AKA renovations
  • You want to clear even more space at home
  • New additions to the family
  • Long-term accommodation for relatives
  • A relative is going into a care home and you’re sharing your unit with them
  • Your hobby has expanded

There are a wide range of reasons that a person can need a larger unit, but don’t worry, it needn’t be stressful to make the switch.

It can actually be more cost-effective to have a larger unit, than a couple of smaller units. It is also easier to have everything in one place, rather than spaced between two units either side of a facility.

To help you make your switch quick and easy, here are our top tips:

Speak To The Facility Customer Service Team

The facility can likely help you with your switch. They need to know what you need in order to offer you a larger space, and they can help suggest the right measurements. They could also help you to make the switch with their in-house moving team, depending on your needs.

At the very least, see if they have carts and other items to help you move your items to the new unit.

Get A Kit Together

On the day of the move your car should have plenty of space for any items you intend to take home with you. You should also take the following items with you on the day of the move:

  • Labels
  • Pens
  • Boxes
  • Packing tape
  • Bags
  • A wireless hoover
  • A sweeping brush
  • Dust sheets
  • Your inventory
  • A notepad

Self storage units need decluttering too, and now is the perfect time to do so. Maybe there are items you’re wanting to give away, sell or bin. Go through everything already in the unit, check the condition of anything you are keeping and package ready for the new space. You may even end up needing less room than you thought!


Ensure the additions to your new space are labelled as the items you have moved across. You may also want to add those items to the inventory of your new space, which should be outlined in a plan showing where everything is roughly.

Remember that moving to a larger unit can be much easier than when you initially move things into self storage, see here for some options. The staff will be willing to offer their services in any way that is helpful to you.

Ask for help, stay organised and declutter. A bigger space can be a better space if you require more cheap storage for your current needs.



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