Moving House To-Do List: Tasks You Need to Add

Find out these little known details that you should add to you moving house to-do list to ensure your house move runs as smoothly as possible, without adding even more stress to the process.

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Moving house is known to be stressful and anybody who has moved house knows this to be true. As spring approaches, you might be planning to move house, in which case there is already a huge list of things to do. We do want to add to your list, but only things that will actually make the process much easier for you in the long-run. With moving house, the more prepared you are, the better.

Here are the little known details you must add to your moving house to-do list

Booking Pet Care

Moving house is chaotic, and there is so much to micromanage the last thing you want to be doing is checking Snowy and Rover haven’t done a runner in the process. Book pet care for the few days across your move so that you do not have to worry about taking care of the pets during the upheaval.

Organising Cheap Self Storage

Self storage in London (or local to you) is a godsend when you need a neutral space to store your goods. For cleaning, decorating, selling, furnishing either your old or new home, cheap self storage space comes in extremely handy so do get it organised early.

Booking Your Removals Company

Sure, you already knew you needed to book a removals company but did you realise that you needed to book them well in advance? The best companies get booked up very early if you plan to move in spring and summer, the busiest moving time of the year. Make it one of the first things you do so that you can guarantee that vital moving help when you need it.

Ensuring Your Friends And Family Are Free

If your friends and family will be part of your moving plan, perhaps they will be helping move things, clean the new home, or look after the kids, you should ensure they are free nice and early. They might not be being paid by you but their time can still be filled if you don’t book yourself in for help early.

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End Contracts As Soon As You Can

You might think sorting out bills and ending contracts can wait until further down the process, when in fact this could end up costing you more. Companies have early leaver penalties, or you might end up missing the contract renewal date. As soon as you plan to move, call your providers to find out where you stand.

Getting Into Local Services

Doctors, schools, dentists and other services in your new area might have a waiting list. It pays to get your names down early to ensure you will get a place in the places you will need to use. This is especially true with doctors surgeries and schools.

It pays to be organised when you move house, and to get important jobs done as early as possible. The more you can get done sooner, the less stress there will be during the actual move which is always a challenging time. Your future self will thank you for getting organised early.

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