Moving Home With A Dog: How To Do It With As Little Stress As Possible – P2

Read about the tips and tricks you need to ensure your furry friend is happy with the moving home process.


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In part one of our guide we gave you some information on signs your dog is stressed, and what to do to make them more comfortable when moving home. Let’s look at further ways you can help your pooch feel better during this stressful process:

Smother The Dog In Home Love

This is a really scary time for your dog so it is so important to provide lots of love to them. Lots and lots of attention is important, so they are getting the reassurance that they need. Cuddling them on the new sofa, playing with them in the new garden and being with them on the floor of your new home will really help them feel secure again.

Be Especially Mindful On The Day Of The Moving Home

It is wise to place your dog in kennels or with a friend on the day of the move because the entire process can be an upheaval. However, this may be challenging for the dog as they go to an unfamiliar place only to then end up in an unfamiliar new home when they return to you. Ensuring they have a lot of their favourite things with them is important to help this process. Their blanket and, toys will help provide them with a mental focus. Then, when they return, lots of patience and positivity in your new place is important. They may be a little unsure but, they are returning to their pack so, the more settled you all are, the better your dog will feel. If this means they stay away a bit longer, maybe for moving week, then that might be better.

Protect Your Things If The Dog Is Prone To Stress Behaviour

If you think your dog may find the move stressful it might be worth leaving a few of your things, like the sofa or rugs, in the cheap self storage unit. Your dog might pee and poop, vomit and chew when they are stressed. This behaviour can be trained out of them but in the meantime if you think it could happen, you can keep your belongings in cheap self storage to protect them until they can be safely added to the home again.

Ensure The Property Is Dog Friendly

Often we can be so aware of the kids, the belongings, the cheap self storage unit and everything else, we forget about the dogs wellbeing. Of course the dog is cared for, but maybe the fence hole was not noticed, or the piles of wood at the back not checked for chemicals or nails. One thing that is guaranteed to make your dog associate the new place with negative things is a trip to the vet. Do a safety check of the place before the dog comes home to ensure they are safe to get used to the place without incident.

Hopefully our two part series has helped give you lots of reassurance and tips to help you keep your dog safe and as stress-free as possible during your house move. With the right approach, lots of preparation, consideration and care, they will be a happy part of your family in your new home before you know it.


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