The best moving house hacks

It’s well known that moving house is stressful but we often bring that stress upon ourselves when it is within our control to make moving a less stressful event. With careful planning and a well-organised process you could find that moving house is easy – you might just even enjoy it. Take a look at our favourite moving house hacks and you might just agree with us.



Bag up the contents of your wardrobe


This is such an easy thing to do and yet I’ve heard of people who pack all the clothes from their wardronbe into their suitcases. Only to have to unpack the suitcase, iron all the clothes and hang them all back in the wardrobe at your new place. I can’t imagine why anyone thought that was a good idea. Instead just take a clutch of hangers out of the wardrobe and cover with an upturned bin bag (you’ll need to poke a hole in the bottom of the bag for the hanger handles). Your clothes are then protected from dirt or rain and easy to hang up in your new abode. Even better find out if your removals company have a portable wardrobe and just hook them up in there for the move and transfer them at the new place. If you are doing a DIY move see if you can borrow a portable wardrobe or just use a cheap clothes rail.


Take a photo of the back of your TV, Computer, Games Console etc.


We all know the feeling – it’s been a long, tiring day and we just want to put our feet up and watch the TV with a takeaway and a glass of wine. The sofa is in place and the TV on it’s stand but something’s not right because the screen is blank or fuzzy. You’re sure you have connected it up right but there’s that nagging doubt. You thought about labelling up all the leads and sockets but somehow never got round to it what with everything else going on on moving day and now you are regretting it.


The solution? Take a quick few photos on your mobile before everything is disconnected. It really is that simple – take some close-ups too and it will then be a simple job to re-connect everything at the other end. The same goes for the PC and any games consoles, DVD players, freeview boxes etc etc that you have.


The essentials bag


However excited you might be at the start of the day we can guarantee that by the end of it you will be exhausted even if you have planned the day like a military operation. We said these hacks could relieve the stress but there’s no way of avoiding becoming tired (except perhaps to get someone else to do the whole job while you spend the day at a spa – now there’s an idea).


Many people don’t realise just how exhausting it is to move house is until they actually have to do it. So once everything is safely into your new home you probably won’t want to start unpacking that day looking for the essentials such as toiletries, nightclothes, linen, towels, food! So we would always advise packing a box or bag of essentials that can tide you over for a day or two – include clean clothes too because packing, moving and unpacking is dirty work.


Also include basic food items such as tea, coffee, chocolate (OK not strictly an essential food item but chocolate will keep you going after a long day with a much needed sugar boost) and don’t forget some paper plates and the number of the local takeaway.  And don’t forget the scissors (we’ll come on to why in a sec)


For more help and advice why not read our expert guide




It goes without saying that you’ve followed our previous advice on how to pack effectively for a house move so everything should have been well-protected, in clearly labelled boxes and so have arrived undamaged. But the process of unpacking all your possessions can be just as tiring as the move. If you have used a removal company make sure they place all of your boxes and furniture in the right room – you really don’t want to have to lug heavy boxes up the stairs or from room to room.


But enable them to do that by labelling everything clearly, as we’ve already said but also label the room doors and provide the removers with a plan if the new home is large – come to think of it, provide them with a plan whatever the size of your new home. Making it easy for the removers will make it easier for you in the long run.


Start the unpacking process by preparing your own bedroom as you will need a good night’s sleep after your busy day. Make up the bed and hang curtains or blinds, if necessary. If you have children then prepare their rooms next so that they feel at home straight away (your essentials box or bag should contain their favourite toys too if you are not carrying them with you in the car). If you have older children get them to muck in – it will be welcome extra pairs of hands but also make them feel involved in the new home.


Once you all have a decent place to sleep that first night some of the pressure to unpack will be relieved. You can then start on the living room – making that a cosy comfortable place. Don’t tackle the kitchen until you have had a good night’s sleep – it is by far the most onerous unpacking task as you’ll need to work out where everything from the boxes will go to make the kitchen work most effectively. Consider leaving it for a day or two until you have started to find your way around your new kitchen.


Now order that curry or pizza, crack open a bottle of something bubbly, put your feet up and watch a favourite movie – you have got those photos of the TV leads on your mobile haven’t you?

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