Moving Into A Care Home? Self Storage Can Help

Take a look at the benefits of cheap self storage and how it can help when you move into a care home.

Retirees on a bench thinking of a care home

Moving into a care home can be stressful, emotional and challenging for the person moving, and their family. Even if the move was planned, it can still be a very difficult transition and one that has to be handled delicately and sensitively.

How to prepare your move into a care home

There are lots of things that need to be done when a person moves into a care home including:

  • Choosing the right care home, so that the person moving feels comfortable and happy in their new surroundings
  • Visiting care homes to make sure they are suitable
  • Setting up the financing of the care home place
  • Placing pets of the person moving into a care home if the new care home does not take pets
  • Ensuring the correct medical support is in place for any medical needs of the person moving
  • Dealing with the property that is being left behind, ensuring it is ready for sale, sold, or appropriately handed over to the family members who are taking it on
  • Ensuring any legal paperwork is in place, such as power of attorney

As well as the above considerations it is important for the belongings of the person moving into a home to be dealt with. In fact a lifetime’s worth of belongings can be quite the challenge to work through, so it makes sense to leave as much time as possible to complete this kind of task.

Self storage

One thing that can buy more time when it comes to sorting through the belongings of a person is cheap self storage. For a reasonable amount of money every month you can safely store your belongings. This leaves your home ready for sale, rental or for handing over to a chosen relative. It enables you to pick and choose what you take into the care home with you without having to worry about selling things that you love. Your family will have more time to sell items you want to sell, for the right price. You may also want to have the storage available to keep family heirlooms for your family for after you have passed away.

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Making arrangements

When there is so much movement, transition and change going on, it makes sense to have a secure and safe ‘middle-ground’ like local self storage in London (or wherever is local to you). The sooner you can arrange cheap self storage the better, enabling you more flexibility and ease with your move. Taking your time researching self storage is also a great idea too, so that you are able to choose a facility you feel is the best value to you locally. Speak to a trusted friend or family member about self storage so they can help you start to look for a facility well in advance of your move into a care home.

Moving into a care home can be a tense and difficult time, but with the right sensitivity and care, it can also signify the start of a fulfilling new chapter of your life.



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