Moving To A New Area To Boost Your Career Prospects

Want to boost your career prospects? Sometimes a change of scenery can make a huge difference. Moving to a new area to try and find better job opportunities is a big decision that can open doors to financial rewards, and both professional and personal growth. 


In this article we are going to take a good look at why people choose to move for their careers, the top areas promising better economic prospects, the pros and cons of such a move, and how to do the right research to make the best decision for your future. Let’s take a closer look: 

Why o People Move For Career Advancement? 


Career advancement is something that a lot of people not only want, but need. For personal or financial reasons, it’s good for many people to continue to push for a better, more fulfilling career. Unfortunately, the opportunities that we often want or need are not within our locale. They could be within a lengthy commute, but commuting a long distance brings its own challenges and issues, like missing out on vital family time. Instead, many individuals opt to move for career advancement, for a myriad of compelling reasons including: 


  • Job Opportunities: Different areas offer more job opportunities. In some situations a certain company or industry may offer the most opportunities in a certain area. Sure, there are nearly 40% of us who work from home at least some of the week, and many companies offer remote jobs now. But, many don’t. Physical location still matters and ultimately, job opportunities change depending on your location. 
  • Higher Pay: Sometimes a job opportunity brings with it a much higher rate of pay, which can be life changing for some people. 
  • Networking: Moving to an industry hub can allow professionals to network with people who can advance their careers. For example, a person who has experience in technology may move to an area where there are lots of people in the tech startup field, so they can network and gain opportunities with those people.
  • Skills Development: Some regions have really good opportunities for people to develop their professional skills. A person might be an aspiring filmmaker who could benefit from working in areas with lots of film production companies. There, they will be able to gain placements and jobs within those companies, developing their skills and broadening their horizons. 

The Best Cities With Economic Prospects


Sometimes a person might move because of an employment offer with a specific company. However, sometimes a person moves in the knowledge their new location offers plenty of different job opportunities. For many of those people, cities in particular are a real draw when it comes to career advancement as they tend to have the most thriving economies all within a small area, compared to rural counties. of course there are practical challenges to moving to a new place but here are some of the cities with the best economic prospects: 




London is the capital of the UK and boasts a diverse and dynamic job market across a huge range of industries. Arts, technology, finance and retail are just some of the industries thriving in London. Here, a person can network and gain job opportunities at a variety of the biggest companies in the world. 




Manchester is seeing some incredible economic growth at the moment, especially with the digital and creative sectors. Professionals in these fields are moving to be nearer to this exciting hub. 




Birmingham is in the centre of the UK and has long been somewhere people will move if they want to be part of the manufacturing industry. These days, the economy has diversified and a person can gain amazing job opportunities within all kinds of industries such as the service industry, culinary industries, finance, healthcare and education. 




Scotland’s capital has a huge range of financial job opportunities within a range of industries, such as insurance and banking. Entrepreneurs are also flocking to Edinburgh as it has a strong startup and development scene, with all kinds of innovation occurring in the rich cultural city.




Bristol has a thriving technology sector, and is well known for playing home to media companies and aerospace companies. Lots of professionals from further into the South West move to Bristol so they can remain within easy reach of the vibrancy of London and escapism of Cornwall, whilst still being in touch with the growing economy of the colourful and exciting city. 


Moving house to a city can offer exceptional career opportunities but it does also bring some challenges. Namely, it can mean you need to pay more to live in a smaller place. Sometimes, you might only be able to rent a room, and other times it is simply a smaller property. Local self storage can help with that by providing you with a safe, secure and convenient storage option for all the belongings you have that don’t quite fit into your new living space. Even better, there are lots of self storage options in cities. London self storage, for example, is ample and it comes in all shapes and sizes. 

Moving House For Your Career Pros & Cons At A Glance




  • Career growth
  • Higher earnings
  • Networking
  • Skill enhancement




  • Adjustment period
  • Leaving behind things that are familiar
  • Job market/ opportunity uncertainty
  • Costs


How To Research To Make The Best Decision For Your Future


Before you make your career-boosting move to a new area, thorough research is so important. Start by checking out the job market in the area you are interested in, and find out which industries are the strongest in the area. Are your skills in demand there? 

Explore the local economy, the cost of properties, commute times and local transport. Doing this might help you feel more aware of what you might be willing to compromise on, and what feels like too much of a compromise. For example, you might be willing to pay a bit more for a property, but an hour-long commute to work might be more than you’re willing to do. 

Ultimately, you might need to do a trial move to get the best possible idea as to whether or not a certain area is the best career-move and life-move for you and your family. Self-storage can be really useful for a trial move because it enables you to dip your toe into the new environment without commiting entirely. You can keep your belongings safe whilst you rent out your house and then rent in the trial city, and get a feel for the place. You could also utilise self storage so that you can be sure your most precious belongings are safe at home. Another option is renting a smaller trial space whilst your main belongings are in a self storage unit until you make more of a permanent mood. The possibilities are endless with such a convenient, low cost, flexible service like self storage. 

Charting Your Course For Career Success


As you start to think about relocating for career success, remember that this is an exciting adventure that could lead to you fulfilling your wildest career goals. Through hard work, planning and research you really are setting yourself up for a bright future. Embrace the change, seize opportunities and watch your career reach new heights in the new area that plays home to your career dreams. 


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