New Year, New Business?

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Read about starting a business in the new year and how cheap self storage could be a great help to keeping those initial costs down.

The New Year brings with it the hopes and dreams of many people hoping to make this their year for success. Often New Years resolutions revolve around things like losing weight, quitting smoking or abstaining from alcohol. All of those are great things to commit to but for some, they have a bigger, more long-term goal in mind: they want to start a business.

Being an entrepreneur is something that is much more accessible these days and so, those who have that kind of entrepreneurial spirit are able to take a shot at their dreams more easily. It doesn’t guarantee you success of course, simply having a go at starting a business, but, the opportunity is there and who’s to say your hard work won’t pay off?

If you are looking at starting a business this year then there is one big tip we want to give you. There is a secret way new businesses have been saving money for years. Only now, the secret is out and you could benefit from it.

What’s the secret? Cheap self storage.

Cheap self storage is an excellent option for new businesses who want to avoid all the huge costs associated with warehouse or office space, and all the problems associated with having no business space to use.

Take a look at these benefits of cheap self storage space for your new business:


If you are trying to work from home, you may find that storing stock or other items there makes for a chaotic environment or you might not have enough space.If you have prototypes being delivered, or you are buying in your first sets of stock and you want to ensure it stays secure, then cheap self storage for businesses is a great idea. You can move to bigger or smaller spaces when you need to, enabling your businesses to shrink and grow naturally without paying the penalty you would have to for cutting big warehouse contracts.


As a new business your stock is so precious, you can’t afford to lose it or have it stolen! Cheap self storage has amazing security because they are in the business of protecting your goods. CCTV, lighting, great locks and 24/7 reception are all good signs a self storage facility is serious about protecting your goods.

Climate Control

In an office or warehouse goods can become damaged through excessive cold, heat or damp. In a climate controlled cheap self storage facility you can expect your items to stay dry and in great condition.

No Overheads

You skip the overheads associated with an office or warehouse, saving you tons of money that can be better used elsewhere.

Better Organisation

Keeping items in an office store room or at home may seem like a great idea, until you can’t find anything or you can’t get to the items because of desks in the way. Smart storage is a great idea because it means you can have a space dedicated to your business, and so dedicated to keeping your goods organised and easy to get to.

Your new business venture could succeed or fail, nobody can say. But with amazing storage facilities, the odds are definitely more in your favour, for a successful start to this year, and hopefully many years to come.




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