Preparing My Home for Sale

Preparing my home for sale has been a difficult task but all those items of sentimental value that I can’t bear to part with but, let’s face it, are just taking up room that would be better cleared, are safely stored away. Even some items of furniture have gone into my self storage unit. I realised I didn’t really need 3 sofas in the living room, a large and bulky (albeit beautiful) Edwardian dressing table in the bedroom and five bookshelves at various locations around the house.

moving to a new houseI have also been very careful about how I have stored those items that have remained in the house as I don’t want to give the impression that there isn’t enough storage. For anyone who is as much of a hoarder as me there will never be enough storage in any house as the more storage I have the more my possessions grow to take up the available space – but for the purposes of showing the house at its very best even the cupboards are now neat and tidy. Apparently, lots of people do open cupboards when viewing a house.  No wonder it’s taken so long to prepare the house for those viewers.

Once the rooms were relatively clear, it became obvious that some minor repairs and decorating would have to be done. There were holes in walls where pictures and shelves had been taken down that need filling and I decided to repaint one room entirely – it was what I thought of as a deep shade of terracotta but was dated and worn so it’s now magnolia (well something that looks like magnolia but cost twice as much). I think I actually preferred the terracotta but I’m not going to have to live with it for long, hopefully, and magnolia is definitely better for helping viewers envisage their own possessions in the room.

So the coffee is on and fresh flowers on the table and  here comes the first estate agent to make a valuation.

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2 Responses to “Preparing My Home for Sale”

  1. Julie L

    I have recently put my house on the market after spending a few weekends making it look presentable but I feel it still looks cluttered. I had not considered self-storage but it actually sounds like a simple way to make the house look clutter free.

    • MS

      The best thing about self-storage when you are decluttering is that you aren’t rushed into making a decision about whether to keep certain items or not. It gives you time to think about what to do with those things that have sentimental value but just don’t fit in with your decor or lifestyle anymore.


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