Reclaim The Home You Love with our Decluttering Tips

If you love your home but you haven’t seen it at it’s best for a while because it lies under mounds of clutter, don’t fret, you can reclaim the home you  love! Here’s how with a few simple decluttering tips:


Don’t Take On The World

You will set yourself up for failure if you try and sort the whole house, garage and garden out in one go. Set yourself achievable goals – bite-size achievements to celebrate so you don’t get overwhelmed. Perhaps you can commit to sorting out one room this weekend, perhaps you can only sort out one drawer. Whatever you can do is fine. Just make sure you aren’t avoiding doing it, because if you are you will only prolong the problem.


Completely Finish The Task

Whether you chose a room, a drawer or even a corner – complete the task so you can feel a full accomplishment. Don’t just drop the sorted out items in the garage, get them to your self storage unit, charity shop or bin. If you’re selling them at a car boot vow to chuck or donate anything you don’t sell (so it doesn’t creep back into the house!).



Make sure you prepare properly for the job. Get some music set up, put some grubby clothes on, have bin bags ready, storage boxes ready, labels ready – whatever you need have it with you so you don’t have an excuse to leave the job and get distracted.


Freshen Up

As well as decluttering the area, you could also freshen it up. So if you are clearing your garden, plant some new flowers and maybe paint the fence. If you’re clearing the spare room, paint it and add some furniture – give it a purpose so you can’t turn it into a storage room again.


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Form New Habits

Perhaps you get cluttered quickly because you never know what to do with bills – go paperless and ask for digital copies instead. Maybe you go car booting every weekend and always bring treasures home – have a rule that you have to chuck one item out for every new item in. Perhaps you have tons of seasonal items that take up loads of space – invest in cheap self storage so you extend the storage space in your home without paying to upsize or get an extension. Form new habits to avoid getting cluttered again. Ideally you should just need a spring clean or big declutter after any big occasion where lots of new items come into the home (birthdays, Christmas etc), or perhaps every season.


Enjoy Yourself!

If you are making the effort to improve your home, well done you. You’re doing something about something you don’t like, so you’re already running marathons around the people still sat on their sofa. Enjoy yourself, and have a well deserved break every time you achieve something and declutter another area. They do say a tidy home is a tidy mind and many people would agree that’s true. By decluttering your home you’re investing in the space you pay/ paid for and your own emotional well-being.


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