Running A Business From A Self Storage Unit


Self storage units are handy for both domestic and business use. Here we look at the popular option of using a self storage unit for running a business.


Working from home comes with a ton of benefits including reduced commute costs, avoiding commute time, cheaper business running costs, and more quality time to spend with friends and family and doing the things you love. For this reason, plus the fact that ecommerce is now huge and most businesses of the future are likely to run online, many people are setting up a business from home.


There are also downsides to working from home, including the lack of space it creates because of all the paperwork and stock. The solution to this problem is, without a doubt, self storage.


Self storage units provide additional space set within a secure facility. Domestic or business users can pay money to store their items in the units. Contracts are often flexible, and there’s little you can’t store in the units legally (there are always clear guidelines on what you can and can’t store). There is a unit the right size for anyone ranging from locker sized units to units the size of football pitches in some cases.

See how much you can save on self storage costs


Working From A Self Storage Unit

Working from a self storage unit is a fantastic idea, especially if you are a startup or an SME struggling to pay rent for your business premises. Clearly you can’t really work from the storage unit in person, but all other operations can run from the unit. You can store stock, files and other items there and utilise the space during seasonal fluctuations. This means your home office is free of clutter because you’re running a business with storage space elsewhere.


The space you store in is likely to be much more secure than your home as well, because there is CCTV, key locks, a reception, gates, lighting etc. More security than your home likely has.


There are some amazing financial benefits to working from a self storage unit, including the fact your council tax, utilities and so on, are covered in your monthly rental amount. You also get to save money on the hefty prices charged for warehouses and offices. There’s even the ability to get deliveries made and received in some units so you don’t have to worry about being there 24/7 or about deliveries late at night or early in the morning.


Worried about stock sensitive to heat or cold?


Many self storage units have temperature control so you can make sure your items are being stored in exactly the right climate to keep them in good condition.


Self storage isn’t for everyone, but it can work for many people, including SMEs or startups who need financial and spatial flexibility. Where else can you get working space that enables you to:


  • Save on utilities
  • Have stock securely stored
  • Have monthly flexibility on unit size
  • Have contractual flexibility
  • Have stock kept in a climate controlled environment
  • Work from home in a clutter-free space


All for a minimal price. It really is a no-brainer and something your business could benefit from in the near future.

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