Self Storage for Small Businesses: Grow and Save Money

Money is always tight in small businesses but there’s no getting away from the fact that you have to invest to grow. But you might be wondering how self storage for small businesses can help you to grow. Well, if your business is currently struggling with a lack of storage space – maybe you have been using a garage or your loft or spare bedroom to store stock – you might be interested to know that self storage is an inexpensive alternative to high warehousing costs. Warehouse space is often far too large and far too expensive for a small businesses, but self storage provides all the same benefits at much lower cost and, importantly, without any long term contracts tying you in to space you might not need in 6 months’ time.


So self storage could be the perfect way to grow your business; think about the advantages of being able to buy in larger bulk quantities or simply stock more items for your customers to choose from. But self storage doesn’t just work for very small businesses that might still be home-based – it is also a way to free up valuable office space so you can take on more staff – more staff that will also help you expand and grow.


So any small business that needs physical space, whether for stock or people, can benefit from self storage. Shifting stock out of your own premises opens up all sorts of possibilities for that space without another major financial investment in larger premises. So don’t take the risk of committing to an expensive warehouse or office lease too soon (of course you want to grow you business but growing in a controlled way is the less risky option).


So here are the benefits of self storage for small businesses

See how much you can save on self storage costs


Saving Money

If your business is expanding at a rapid pace, it is often assumed that you can afford larger premises. But you don’t want to commit for a long period of time as you don’t know what pattern of growth your business will follow. New businesses are notoriously unstable and a boom period now could be followed by orders drying up before the company is well into profit. Premises categorised as ‘business’ space come at a premium cost but regular self storage can be used just as well for business purposes as for domestic purposes at lower cost.


Grow at a Steady Pace

Businesses often think they have to commit to large premises that they can “grow in to” to avoid more expense in the near future but there is an alternative – space that you can upsize or downsize without incurring penalty costs so you get the space that is the right size for your company.


If you are considering storing stock then you have to consider the security of the location where it is being stored. One thing you can be confident of is that self-storage facilities all have high-quality security which might include 24 hour surveillance, fenced, gated facilities, guards, CCTV, controlled swipe card access. All of these are security measures that a small business is unlikely to have at their own premises so you might find that self storage is actually a much more secure place to store your stock.




Self storage facilities offer many extras over and above the self storage itself. Here at we offer collection and delivery services, for instance, and also any packing materials you might need to ship your items to your customers. We can even deliver a storage unit to a location of your choice, which you can pack up at your leisure before we come and collect it and return it back to our secure facility. There are plenty of extras that can make the life of a small business owner easier.

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