Should Self Storage Be Part Of Your Retirement Plan?

Find out about self storage, how it works and how it could be an important part of your retirement plan.

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Retirement is a time of huge transition and is often filled with equal levels of excitement and sadness, excitement for the future and sadness for the closing of a huge chapter of life.

There’s often not much time for contemplation though, as you make plans for the future, downsizing, travelling or maybe even relocating nearer to family.

Lots of things can be helpful during this time, including support from family, access to savings, an open mind and a willingness to accept change. There is one really useful service that many people don’t consider for their retirement though, a service that can be extremely useful during this transitional period: self storage.

Why Is Self Storage Essential During Retirement?

Self storage has lots of uses for most people, regardless of what they do. After all it is an additional space to use for storage and who doesn’t need more storage?

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However, when you retire, it can have even more benefits including:

Helping You Downsize After Retirement

If you downsize as many people do during retirement, cheap self storage is somewhere to store your belongings. Maybe you need seasonal space for items you do not have room to store in your new place. Perhaps you need to store family heirlooms that you want to pass on when you are no longer here. It might be that you want to store items whilst you find time to properly sell them, as you moved into your new property quickly. Cheap self storage allows you to move into your new smaller property without having to worry about where everything is going to go.

Supporting A Long-Distance Move

You may be moving abroad, or across the country closer to family. A long-distance move can be very tricky in terms of the logistics and cheap self storage can help facilitate the finer details when it comes to your stuff. You can store your items whilst you do a trial move in rented accommodation, or simply whilst you find a permanent place to live. Maybe you need somewhere to store your stuff whilst you renovate your current or new property. Cheap self storage is a safe and secure middle space to have whilst you organise a long-distance move.

Releasing Equity In Your Property

You may wish to sell your home to release the equity in it. Self storage is extremely handy because it helps you to store items whilst you renovate your home and get it ready for sale and viewings. You then have a neutral space to store your items whilst you choose what to do with your property equity. Should you choose to rent accommodation or downsize, travel or simply wait to decide on your plans, your items will remain safely in self storage.

Going On A Later-Life Gap Year

Many people choose to go travelling in later life and retirement seems like a great opportunity to do just that – it is never too late for adventures.

To go travelling you might have chosen to rent your property out, or sell it and use the money for your gap year. Cheap self storage gives you a place to store your belongings so they’re safe and secure during your adventures, and easily accessible to you when you get back.

The above are just some of the many reasons cheap self storage is handy when you retire. For an affordable monthly amount and a flexible contract you have a safe, secure place to keep your things until you need them again. Whether you move to a smaller property, travel the world having new adventures, or relocate to a better life in the sun, cheap self storage should be an essential part of your retirement plan.


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