Solving Storage Issues On A Narrowboat

With space coming at a premium throughout the country, many people are opting to live the relaxed narrowboat life. Here we look at combating narrowboat storage issues.

With space coming at a premium throughout the country, many people are opting to live a relaxed, and tranquil life aboard a narrowboat. Narrowboat living may seem like a niche way of life to some, but it is becoming very desirable these days, especially in built up areas like London where any liveable space is worth a lot of money. There are many benefits to living this way, but there are some challenges as well. One key challenge is space and storage. Even if you’re only renting a narrowboat for a holiday storage solutions are still important because it is a compact space. Here are some tips to help you deal with the restricted space of a narrowboat when you are living on one full-time:

Use The Sides

Don’t rely on cupboard space all the time. If there is a safe space to put some hooks to hang tea towels, pots, pans and cups, then use that extra space.

Utilise Space That Does Not Have A Practical Use

There will be some dead space on the boat that you can use. Space next to the ceiling for shelving, or space for an extra cupboard. Try looking at every area as though you haven’t seen it before, and you might find lots of places to add storage.

Storage Solutions

Utilise new, modern storage solutions like baskets, boxes and rails. What about a rail with storage cups on for bathroom toiletries? Or a lovely old fruit crate to store blankets in? Look for innovative and attractive storage solutions to make sure everything has ‘a home’.

Make Space Under The Bed

If the bed can be raised, this is an excellent way to create more storage. Just think of how many plastic storage boxes could fit under there. You could use this new space to store all your out of season clothes and shoes.

Throw Items Out

It is so important to de-clutter regularly with a small space. You just don’t have room for items you don’t enjoy or use. Every season be brutal and get rid of items you don’t want or need.

Slim Things Down

Think about items you have a lot of that take up space and think about slimming down. Do you really need all those books? Could you use an e-reader instead? What about all that cutlery – what is the most you really need? And those bulky blankets take up lots of space – could you just have one? Slimming things down will create space whilst ensuring you still have everything you need.

Use London Self Storage

If you have items you use seasonally, or sentimental items you just don’t want to let go of yet, or you don’t plan to live on your narrowboat forever, then utilise cheap self storage. With self storage you can keep any items you really want or need, in a dry, secure space that you can access whenever you want, all whilst enjoying a clutter free narrowboat.

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