Space & Storage Use Tips For Empty Nesters

Read our top storage tips on using space and storage as an empty nester, to make the most of your home moving forward.

When you have a house full of children, space is often something that is scarce. For that reason, it can be really strange when they finally move out in their 20’s and you’re left with a house just for yourself and your partner. It can feel as though there’s endless space and it can feel overwhelming to know where to start with managing it all and making it into a home you love again.

To help you make the most of your home as it is now, take a look at these handy space and storage tips:

It Is Time To Have A Huge Clearout

To properly assess the potential your home has, you should have a big clearout. You don’t have to chuck or sell everything right away, you could perhaps utilise a cheap self storage unit until you’re ready to deal with all your stuff properly. However you clear your home out, it is important you do just that to see exactly how much space you have to work with.

Do You Really Want To Stay?

When you reclaim your home finally, you might want to use this pivotel time to, well, pivot. This is the ideal time to sell your home and move on if you perhaps no longer want all the extra space and want to release some equity and downsize.

Can You Finally Bring In the Items You Love?

Maybe you had a gorgeous antique dresser in cheap self storage for years to make space for your son’s computer desk in the kitchen. Maybe that beautiful sleigh bed you kept in the garage can finally come back in to go in the spare room that was used as a study for your children.

What Do You Really Want You Home To Provide?

Don’t feel pressured to instantly use the space you have created. There are plenty of options beyond creating a guest room or home office. Just take a look at Phil and Kirsty’s Love It Or List It on Channel 4, knocking walls through and building extensions can totally change how a house works. Thinking outside the box and thinking about what you really want your home to provide will help you make plans that will truly give you the house you always wanted. Storage tips and ideas can come from diverse sources.

Are You Ready To Change Your Home?

Sometimes, the empty nest can be a painful one. Lots of empty nesters find it hard when their children leave home for good and it can be a period of adjustment. Don’t be afraid to let the dust settle a little before transforming the house and clearing your childrens old bedrooms. Just don’t leave it so long that you end up avoiding what needs doing, let the emotions process and then move forward, onto the new stage of memory making with your family.

Remember that having an empty nest, doesn’t mean those fledglings won’t be coming back to visit. Your new home represents a new chapter with your partner, and a new, exciting stage in your life. Embrace the change and take your time enjoying all the space you now have, to repurpose for an exciting future for all the family.





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