Storing Camping Equipment

Camping equipment takes up a lot of room, which is why people opt to keep it in self storage. Here we look at how best to pack your camping equipment for self storage.



It’s no surprise really that camping is so popular because it is so cheap (sites can cost as little as £5.00 a night!), it’s also an easy way to get away from it all and it lets us be at one with nature (mosquitos and all), connecting to the wilderness in all it’s glory. Packing for camping is fun, but when you get home unpacking and storing your camping gear is a bit of a nightmare. Hosing down the tent, washing the sleeping bags, picking the mud off the tent pegs – it’s enough to make anyone go off camping for a while – until next Summer when it seems like a great idea again!


Camping is an activity enjoyed by many in Spring and Summer but now that it looks like even our late Indian Summer is over it’s time to pack away your gear.



storing camping equipment



Many people opt to keep their camping equipment in self storage because it simply takes up too much room in the house or garage. However, if you don’t pack it properly for self storage, it can make a bit of a mess in your self storage unit, which isn’t desirable!


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Here are some tips for packing camping equipment for self storage:


Get Self Storage!

If you’ve not already opted for self storage for camping equipment – do it! The tent, camping chairs, cooking equipment, sleeping bags, ground mats – all take up so much room you could be using for something else. Get a self storage unit and store the camping equipment, you deserve to make the most of the space in your home!



You should erect your tent in your garden as soon as you get home if the weather is good. It needs to dry out completely. If it’s really, really dirty – hose it down and then let is dry out, otherwise let it dry and they brush away the dirt which will be easier to remove when dry. If your tent is even a little bit wet when you put it in a storage unit it may rot or grow mould and mildew. You should also ensure all the related pieces of the tent like the poles and pegs are also clean and dry.


storing camping gear



Sleeping Bags

Make sure the sleeping bags are free from any large clumps of mud or stones before you wash them. Wash them in a washing machine and let them dry on a clothesline naturally – again like the tent ensure they are completely dry before packing them away.



You may have taken various electronics with you on your camping trip, if not just torches at the very least. Make sure you take the batteries out of the torch so you avoid them leaking or corroding while in storage. Dispose of them safely or use them in other items around the home, using new ones next time you go camping. Make sure the electronics are in their original packaging if possible, or they are adequately protected and padded in sealed boxes with similar items.


Cooking Equipment

If you have a camping gas cooker – remove the gas bottle safely as you are not allowed to store these in self storage units. Check the cooker is clean, turned off and protected properly – you should also make sure it is completely dry so it is not prone to rusting. You should also check all cooler boxes, pots, pans and utensils are completely clean – any old food will not only start to smell and rot, it could attract insects and potentially even small animals to the self storage unit.


Remember, the more effort you put into ensuring your camping equipment is clean and dry and well packed in your self storage unit, the easier it will be to simply pick it up and go on another adventure when you next have the chance!

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