Storing Garden Furniture During The Colder Months

Storing garden furniture properly is so important to preserve its lifespan. Here we talk about preparing it for storage and how to store it.

Summer is just about over, and before we know it the nights will have closed in and we’ll be spending more time cosied up inside on the sofa having left the garden furniture behind in the colder temperatures outside.

Sadly, the season of sunshine has to come to an end, which means it’s time for preparing the garden for the harsher months. Part of this preparation is thinking about how to store your garden furniture. Deck chairs, sun loungers, a table, fire pit, barbeque, garden chairs and any other furniture you might have enjoyed this sunny season. If you have a big garden shed or free space in your garage, you’re set for somewhere to store these items during the colder months. You don’t need to think about leaving your items outside in the wind and the rain, which will inevitably damage them.

However, you may not want to fill your garage or shed with the furniture, or you might have a space that just isn’t big enough. You may also wonder exactly how dry the shed is, and if those conditions are suitable for your damp susceptible wooden furniture. This is where self storage comes in. In fact, it really is a bit of an obvious choice really. Storing garden furniture in a cheap self storage unit ensures that your furniture remains safe, dry and completely protected from weather until next year.

Your chosen self storage needn’t be huge to fit your furniture in, as it can be carefully packed into a smaller unit space than you probably realise. The right self storage company will always help you utilise the smallest space possible because they understand you don’t want to be paying for extra space you don’t need.

Preparing Your Garden Furniture For Storage

When preparing your garden furniture for storage make sure you only dismantle it, if doing so will not damage the item. Give it a good clean, make sure it is free from dirt and debris and make sure it is dry before you wrap it in breathable material. Don’t wrap it in plastic because if there is moisture in there it will create condensation which will damage your furniture. Make sure you store any upholstery separately if possible.

Choosing The Right Self Storage Unit

When choosing a self storage unit for your garden furniture remember to shop around – different facilities will have different pro’s and con’s. Try and always read the small print to have a full understanding of the price, whether it is fixed or can be increased at short notice, checking you have a full understanding of any charges, insurance costs and any other additional fee’s. Think about customer service, security, site maintenance and access. Remember even though the costs are low, you will still be paying your hard earned cash for the service so you owe it to yourself to check the service is worth the money. You should feel assured you can leave your items in the unit over winter and get it back out again next summer with it being in exactly the same condition.

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