Storing Your Classic Car Over Winter: Ultimate Tips

Find out the best way to store your classic car over winter to ensure it stays safe, dry and in great condition until you can drive it again.

A classic car in storage

For those who own classic cars, or luxury cars, winter is a big of a sad time because it means bedtime for the car. The bad weather means that driving season is well and truly over for a while and so, it is time to think about how you should store your car. Most people with a vintage or luxury car store it over winter to avoid the potential for the weather making rust and other problems worse.

Here are the ultimate tips for storing your classic car over winter:

Keep It Somewhere Safe

Your garage might be the perfect place to store your classic car over winter as it is dry and locked, and keeps your car out of sight. If you are worried about the security of your garage, or you don’t have one, it might be a good idea to consider a private garage, or cheap self storage. Cheap self storage or private garages might cost you a sum every month but, can you put a price on the safety of your beloved classic car?

Is The Oil OK?

Dirty oil needs a change before you place the car in storage. If the oil is not dirty then you can wait until next year and change the oil then.

Wash The Car

Washing the outside of the car is a good idea as it means you get rid of any debris or dirty that could cause issues if left for a long period of time.

Clean The Inside Of The Car

Be sure to clear the inside of the car out as spiders and other creatures can get up to no good if left months on end. It is also nice to come back to a car without last years rubbish in when driving season returns.

Pump Up Tires

Be sure to pump the tires up to their maximum PSI and do park on an even surface. If there is any concern about movement, place blocks in front of the tyres.

Open The Window A Small Amount

Just in case there is any moisture in the car, it makes sense to open the window a little to let it out, otherwise you’ll get condensation inside the car which will cause problems.

Cover The Car

You may wish to cover the car over with a special car cover, or some tarpaulin. This will protect the car from any dust in the unit.

Seek Any Specialist Advice

Depending on your vehicle, the kind of condition it is in and any special requirements it has need to be taken into consideration when you place the vehicle in storage. Speak to the garage you use all the time for advice on anything they recommend doing before the vehicle is placed in storage.

Your car is going to be in amazing shape come next Spring because you put the effort in to make sure it is safe, secure and in good condition over winter. You’ll thank yourself for being such a responsible car owner as you whizz off on your first drive of the new season!


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