The 10 Best Retirement Locations In The UK

Find out about the best retirement locations in the UK and why they could be a great choice for the next chapter of your life.

A seaside retirement location

Retiring in the UK can be a local affair. You place your belongings into affordable self storage, you downsize or go on a later-life gap year and enjoy yourself in the area you have always lived. For some retirees, however, there’s a big move planned for this next stage of life. Retirement begins with an entirely new chapter, and location. If this is you, and you know this next step involves a completely fresh start, let these 10 best retirement locations in the UK inspire you:


1.  York

York is packed full of landmarks, traffic-free shopping areas, green spaces and lots of easy access to local towns and cities. It’s a beautiful location for retirement if you like a mix of hustle and bustle, and quiet calming countryside air.

2.  Cornwall

News reports have shown that Cornwall is now overtaking London when it comes to property searches, as people look to start a new life after the pandemic. For retirees who want a more rugged coastline, and a strong sense of community, it’s a great choice. Some areas are incredibly remote and quiet, if you want a more solitary life, whereas other areas have a more bustling town or city to enjoy, with lots going on all year round. It could be worth popping your things into affordable self storage and living in a few areas to see how you feel before making a commitment to a property.

3.  Devon

Devon has stunning beaches, quiet and serene villages and towns, and easy proximity to areas like Dartmoor, Cornwall and Somerset. It’s a little more expensive than other options, but the quality of life in return leads many to happily live out their days here.

4.  Somerset

Somerset is incredibly green and has lots of countryside space for exploring and considering for property purchase. Quantock Hills and Blackdown Hills are exceptional and known for phenomenal wildlife and pristine scenery. It also has coastal areas to explore, as well as great transport options to explore the surrounding areas.

5.  Norfolk

Norfolk has a vast amount of beautiful scenery, thriving wildlife and even some particularly eco-friendly spots like Hethersett. There are plenty of stunning beaches to enjoy too, amongst cute little tea rooms, cafe and shopping areas where you can socialise and enjoy your time.

6.  The Lake District

If you are into walking and rambling your way through beautiful country locations, living in the Lake District could be a really good choice for your retirement. With the right property you will have miles and miles of walking options at your doorstep, perfect to keep yourself moving in later life, and to keep any dogs you have well exercised without restraint.

7.  Carmarthenshire

Carmarthenshire is a popular retirement location because it has such a great mixture of towns, beaches, inland walks and an overall great sense of community. Aberystwyth is particularly popular because it is on the sea, but also has a bustling town with many independent eateries and chain shops and restaurants too. For a quieter spot on the sea, Aberaeron is incredibly popular, although much smaller than Aberystwyth. It might not be your cup of tea, though, if you worry about busy tourism as Aberaeron gets very busy at Easter and during the summer months.

8.  Newcastle Upon Tyne

Newcastle Upon Tyne is very happy and has a really lovely, warm sense of community that many people appreciate when they retire. You’ll find all kinds of shops, eateries, events and hobby clubs to consider, as well as amazing museums, architecture and history across the city. Nearby Tyneside gives you all the seaside you could wish for, too, so you can mix the coastal life with plenty of lively living if you’re the kind of retiree who doesn’t want a quiet time.

9.  Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire is a great part of the UK to consider if you’re looking to retire because it’s got a mixture of everything, from lovely architecture and activity attractions, to lovely seaside areas and beautiful landscapes. You can also pick and choose how close to the action you want to be, as there are plenty of secluded countryside spots with a mixture of property to choose from, as well as homes closer to busier areas like Skegness.


Peebles in Scotland is popular amongst retirees because it is only around 25 miles from Edinburgh, and there are lots of hotels and facilities in the area offering membership. It has a lot of beautiful homes for sale on the river, and there are also plenty of opportunities for rambling and walking. You’re also within easy proximity to the rest of Scotland if you want to take a staycation and explore areas like Argyll and Bute, Aviemore, The Highlands and more.

Where Will You Retire To?

The best thing to do before committing to any new retirement location, is to take a trial trip first to explore different areas. If somewhere feels like it could be right, pop your things into affordable self storage and plan a trial move, it could be exactly what you need to so that you know for sure it is the right place for you to have your next big adventure.

If you want to start your retirement off with a bang, why not consider renting or buying a caravan or motorhome and take a few months exploring the UK? You can move a whole house full of contents into a cost-effective self storage unit for any length of time you need. Your things would still be completely safe and secure when you return. You could visit all the places we mentioned above, and more, getting to know which places truly resonate with you.

Sometimes what seems like the ideal retirement location is actually somewhere you’d hate to live, and perhaps places you hadn’t even considered will come up as you explore. The only way to find out is to go and spend time in lots of lovely places – phew, it’s a hard life!

This is all so exciting, isn’t it? There’s so much ahead of you! Happy retirement, and happy adventuring!





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