Top Tips To Easily Organise Your Garage

Find out how to organise your garage to enable you to use the space effectively and efficiently.

Storage ideas to easily organise your garage

Motivating yourself to organise your garage is a bit of a ‘we’ll do it tomorrow’ job. Who wants to spend an afternoon sorting out what can be, a massive junk cupboard.

It’s a shame that we all put the job off, because the garage can be so useful. It can provide tons of space for storage, work, working out – nearly anything you want. Of course it should store a car but most of us don’t bother to use our garages in that way unless it’s a vintage car, or, car of very high value.

Assuming you use your garage for junk, gardening items and other things, you probably need to get it organised. To help you, we have some easy and helpful tips:

Large Tubing Shelf

Large tubing for industrial rolls of cling film and other materials is a really great way to create storage in the garage. You simply have to connect the tubes side by side and you then get what looks a bit like a giant desk tidy on its side. It’s so handy for items like gardening gloves, bags of nails, sponges and other items that just don’t seem to have a ‘place’. It looks really cool too.

Back Wall Hooks

If you can attach a panel of wood to any wall, you can add screw hooks to it, or nails. This enables you to hang keys, tools and other items off the floor. This makes them more accessible and easy to see.

Wall-Suspended Tools

Larger tools like lawnmowers, and bulky sports equipment like surfboards and skis can clutter the floor space. Not only is this annoying but it is dangerous, creating a real trip hazard. As garage walls are large and they are practical, you can add ways to hold these types of items on the walls. You can buy items for this, or you can make it yourself. There are plenty of Youtube videos to help.

Plastic Box Towers

Plastic boxes are excellent for storing messy or toxic items like paint or fuel. However, they can take up a ton of storage space in the garage. Instead, buy stackable types that are designed to be stacked high.

A Cabinet For Your Most Common Garage Use

Do you use the garage to fix your car up? Are you most likely to use the garage to repot plants? Do you use the space to workout? Whatever you use the garage for most, perhaps you need a little workstation to organise your things.

Rather than a general cupboard that gets cluttered, it means you have a specific place you can get to for the items you use the most.

The above tips can help you to enhance the storage in your garage. If you’re struggling to make space, despite organising it well, maybe cheap self storage can help. Cheap self storage enables you to store large items like seasonal furniture and tools, clearing space for you to use at home in the meantime. You can even store cars in some self storage facilities.

Hopefully, with cheap self storage and some easy organisation, your garage will be a clear and organised space in no time.






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