Top Tips To Help You Make A Packing Plan For Your House Move

Find out how to make a packing plan for your belongings for an organised house move that avoids anything getting lost or broken.

A Box marked Fragile for a House Move

Moving house is not easy, but there are lots of things you can do during a house move to make the process as easy as it possibly can be. Packing is one area of moving house where the way you approach the task will have a big influence over how stress-free and successful you are.

That isn’t to say that the packing process is going to be easy. It can be a challenge, especially if you haven’t sorted your belongings out in years and so, your levels of clutter have built up.

Tips to help you get an effective packing plan in place:

For a head start on packing with ease, take a look at these tips to help you get an effective packing plan in place:

Don’t Put It Off

It is important not to put packing off until last minute because it will take a while and so, you do need to allow time. As soon as you know you are moving you can plan when you will pack different rooms or items. Areas where the items contained aren’t used much can be packed much faster than rooms used a lot, like the kitchen. The sooner you begin, the less rushed packing will be towards your moving date.

Create A Packing Schedule And Commit To It

Writing down a schedule of when different areas will be packed is a really good way to ensure you avoid wasting any time. It is also a great way to ensure that you commit to packing when you need to, and don’t put the tasks off.

How To Pack

Prepare For Packing Each Room

For each room you should firstly declutter the space to ensure you aren’t packing anything that you don’t actually want. You should also write a packing plan which lists important items to pack.

Ensure you have the right packing materials for the room ahead of time and get into the habit of labelling absolutely everything. You can’t label enough when it comes to packing! If some items are being moved into cheap self storage then ensure boxes are clearly marked as ‘for storage’. Lastly, ensure that you have a time limit for packing that room in full.

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Get Your Packing Team In For An Assessment Early

If you are getting a moving team to pack for you, get an assessment made as soon as you know you are moving so that you can get a weekend booked in for when they will pack your things for you. It may be that you have a removals team moving your largest items in which case the sooner they come in and meet you, the sooner you can label those items for removals and then focus on the rest to pack and move yourself.

Utilise Self Storage

Cheap self storage is really useful with a packing plan because it means that you can pack and move items into self storage to effectively clear your house out. This gives you more room at home for cleaning and doing any repairs for sale or just for the new owners. Self storage is also handy for moving if you wish to hold items in your unit long-term whilst you renovate a new home, or whilst you downsize temporarily.

Moving house won’t be stress-free, but by ensuring important tasks like packing are completed well and in good time, and with a good packing plan, you can minimise the stress as much as possible, enabling you to start enjoying your new home as soon as possible.





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