Turning Your Passion Into A Career Using Self Storage

If you’re pursuing a dream career as an entrepreneur self storage could help. In this article there are tips on starting your business, and on how self storage can help.



These days, it is actively encouraged for anyone and everyone to pursue their dreams and be entrepreneurial. This is a wonderful thing. To do this, at the very least you need to be ready to work hard, dedicate yourself entirely to your project, and be ready to take some risks. Going it alone isn’t for the faint hearted, in fact it’s downright scary! Success does not just appear and making money from your passion will not happen within a day. It is going to be challenging, but you can do it if you really want to. Here’s How:

Give Yourself The Time To Succeed

Life will get in the way of you putting time into your new career. You might need to keep a current job, you might have family responsibilities, you might have other responsibilities to keep you from pursuing your dream. You will have to make some sacrifices and make time to allow yourself to succeed. Only a little bit of time is needed at first so you can build the foundations for success. You might need to miss Saturday coffee morning or Thursday night cocktails, but it will be worth it in the end.

Enable The Financial Side To Work For You

Don’t just leave your job after you’ve had your great idea. You need to try and make your transition from your current job to your dream job as financially smooth as possible. Work out the money you need to survive so you know the bare minimum your new career needs to provide you with. What you might be able to do is quit your job once your sideline career is bringing enough money in, or save up enough to pay for six months out building your new business, which is of course more of a risk.

Plan It Out

Make sure you write down a timeline of how you want this to work out. Treat it like a proper business plan thinking specifically about the point of your new job, why you want to do it, how you’re going to do it etc. Give yourself small achievable goals to work towards with bigger goals long term.

How Self Storage Can Help

See how much you can save on self storage costs

Self storage could be exactly what you need to help you pursue your new career. Perhaps you have started making money, you know it is viable, you know it is the right thing to do, but you’re lacking in one thing – space. Don’t just jump into an office or warehouse rental – you don’t need to. Self storage can offer you the space your business needs to grow without any of the restrictions you get from a contracted rental space. There are spaces as small as lockers, as big as football fields. The contracts are very flexible and very affordable. You could rent seasonally or for a short time while you trial the job out. Just some of the self starting businesses that could benefit from self storage are:

  • Any Ecommerce
  • Kick boxing, musician or other lesson based
  • Businesses which need additional security for stock
  • Businesses which need to run all hours
  • Craft businesses
  • Seasonal businesses
  • Businesses sensitive to growing pains

These are just a few examples of businesses who could benefit from a self storage unit. So, what are you waiting for? Invest in self storage – invest in your bright new career.



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