Upcycling Ideas for Unwanted Home Furniture

Ready to chuck out your stuff and send it to the tip? Hold your horses! You can transform trash into treasure with these upcycling ideas!

Upcycling ideas using bottles

Are you ready to chuck your old stuff out and send it to the tip? Hold your horses! You can transform trash into treasure!

With a little DIY, creativity and time, you can do good by your wallet and the planet with these 15 easy upcycling ideas for unwanted furniture:

1. A Stylish New Fridge

Do you know that your fridge can be decorated? If you want to get rid of your working fridge because you hate how it looks, consider giving it an update with a lick of paint. Find out how here.

2. Update That Cane & Wicker

Do you have cane and wicker furniture in your cheap self storage unit or garage? Guess What, it’s back in fashion! To update it, give it a lick of varnish (if needed) and consider adding some new upholstery or cushions in a vibrant print. You could even double-upcycle and tie-dye some old white or cream soft furnishings you already have! Yep, tie-dye is back in fashion too!

3. Bright Inside

A new trend in furniture is surprise bright elements. So you might open a cabinet or drawer and the inside is a bright bold colour. It is a bit like wallpapering draws inside but, better. Try updating the outside of your furniture with some simple white paint or a new coat of varnish, then play with the internal sections using pastels or bold colours for a bright inside surprise.

4. Ombré Sideboard

A sideboard is a useful piece of furniture for storing keys and housing the landline and notepad. However, it can get a bit bashed up and boring over time. To brighten it up, paint it ombré. No need for blending. Just get four or more shades of the same colour and graduate them from light to dark, or vice versa. Instantly you have a gorgeous piece of furniture to admire as soon as you walk through the door.

5. Suitcase Stool

If you have a stool and an old suitcase you can easily create something special with both of them. The suitcase does need to be somewhat vintage for this to work, as modern plastic types won’t look as good.

Simply attach your suitcase to your stool decorating the top of the suitcase with glued and varnished old maps, wallpaper or other patterns you like. Just be sure to finish it well to make sure it looks tidy and professional. You then have a side table to display a plant or accessory that you can also open up and use for extra storage.

6. Tea Tray / Cheese Box Shelf

You can easily turn a cheese box/ tea tray into a shelf using this handy tutorial. When finished, trailing plants would look pretty awesome displayed on it.

7. Fish Tank Terrarium

If you have an old fish bowl, tank or even a large sweetie jar you can turn it into a terrarium. Even better, you can make it for free, or very little money! Simply follow a tutorial like this one, then enjoy your tiny little growing environment! It’s great for houseplant lovers, and for kids too!

Hopefully the above tips have you feeling inspired to make the most out of your unwanted goods. Rummage in that cheap self storage unit, spare room, garage and shed and see what you can make from what you find. Make your trash, your treasure!

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