Use Self Storage To Hide Christmas Presents

Christmas is coming, which means it is time to buy gifts. If you are struggling to find good hiding places for your Christmas presents before the big day, why not use self storage to hide the presents from prying eyes.


As we approach Christmas, the realisation that certain things need doing comes at lightning speed. The time has come to think about the gifts we are going to give, and the game of how we are going to approach shopping comes into play. There’s Black Friday coming up, pre-Christmas sales, online retailers, Christmas markets – lots of ways to buy gifts.


The problem is, where on earth are you supposed to put it all? You might have a spare room big enough, but is it secure enough to keep prying eyes out?


Christmas isn’t all about the presents but we put a lot of thought and money into them so it really is important to keep them safe and secret until the big day. It can be so difficult to find hiding places for presents during a season that already involves the house being filled with extra items.


self storage for Christmas Presents


Some people might think if children find the gifts or know what they are getting, it will be fine, but the truth of the matter is the anticipation of the surprise of what Santa is bringing, is a huge part of Christmas for kids.


Parents will go to extraordinary lengths to hide gifts, finding gaps in the back of cupboards, under furniture, even in the car or in friends’ houses.


The problem with doing this is the fact that there’s still the risk of the gifts being found, or, there’s a high chance the gift may not be well protected in the location you have hidden it. Or you could even forget about the gift and not give it, or forget where you have hidden it.


Basically – there’s a lot that can go wrong when you are hiding gifts around the house.

The easiest way to solve this problem is to consider a cheap self storage unit. By investing in a short term unit completely separate from your house you will benefit from:


  • Good security keeping your expensive gifts safe
  • The kids not having any chance of finding the gifts
  • Spending just a small amount of money to ensure your gifts are safe and secure
  • Having the ability to wrap the gifts out of the house (no more staying up late to do it)



What To Look For In A Storage Unit


As you are going to be looking for a unit to keep all your Christmas gifts in, it is of course, extremely important that the facility is secure and reliable. If you have never looked into a cheap self storage unit before, it might be that you’re not entirely sure what your priorities should be. If this is the case, this list should help:



Security – You are storing gifts that you have spent a lot of time choosing, and a lot of money buying so it makes sense that the self storage facility is extremely secure. Look for various ‘lock points’ so there are several ‘blocks’ for potential intruders. Look for CCTV, insurance and be sure to visit the facility and ask the staff about their security measures.



Accessibility – It is important you can access the unit as and when you need to. So look for a unit with straightforward access.


Low Costs & A Short Contract – Cheap self storage doesn’t come at a big cost so don’t be afraid to compare self-storage prices from different companies before you commit to a unit. You should also check the details of your contract. Many cheap self storage facilities require you give a month’s notice and don’t require you have a contract at all – check those details so you don’t accidentally tie yourself into a 6 month contract for a unit you only need for a month or two.

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