Using Self Storage For Keepsakes


Keepsakes can clutter up the home. They aren’t something most of us can bear to get rid of, which is why self storage is the ideal place to store them.


baby keepsakes first toys placed in self storage
Self storage units can be used to store almost anything you want to leaving space elsewhere for activities, a home office, bigger furniture, a spare bedroom – the list is endless.

One of the main things that clutter up our houses, especially our drawers and wardrobes are keepsakes. Keepsakes can be anything from Christmas cards to old baby clothes. These are the hardest things to get rid of because they hold sentimental value, and with self storage, you needn’t let them go.


Self storage is an inexpensive alternative to filling up you spare room: you can get space as small as the boot of a large car, or as big as a double garage if you want to. All those keepsakes you cannot bear to keep hold of needn’t be left taking up space any more that you could use for something else.


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Here are just a few reasons to use self storage for keepsakes:


You Deserve To Use The Space

As much as keepsakes are important, they aren’t as important as your quality of life. If you’ve got so many sentimental items you aren’t able to utilise your living space as much as you want to, it’s time to find an alternative and start using every inch of your home.


You Can Have A Place To Enjoy Them

When keepsakes are kept in a cupboard, they are rarely enjoyed as they should be and tend to simply collect dust over the years. If you keep them in a self storage facility you will have motivation to look through them again and enjoy them, and you will be able to organise them so you can get easy access to them as well. You could even display them on shelves within the unit – your very own mini-gallery.


keepsakes, fragile items in self storage


You Can Keep It All

From granny’s old ornaments, to your baby’s first clothes, you can keep everything you want to by using cheap self storage. If you are downsizing, don’t put yourself through the emotional turmoil of getting rid of items that mean the world to you. Use self storage and keep them safe.


You Can Have Them In Your Home Again In The Future

Perhaps you are living in shared accommodation or with your parents while you save. Perhaps you are living in a smaller property, or going travelling for a while. If you only have space for essentials, you can store your keepsakes in self storage until the time comes when you have space in your home to store them again. You don’t need to let them go, you can store them temporarily and have access to them in the meantime.


You Can Rest Assured They Are Safe

Your keepsakes are likely to be safer in a self storage facility than they are at home. Self storage units are incredibly secure, protected by CCTV and secure access devices at the facility, and many also have temperature control if your keepsakes are particularly valuable or fragile. How much of that do you have at your home? Often the most traumatic aspects of fires, burglaries and flooding in the home is the fact sentimental items are lost. By keeping your keepsakes in self storage, you can feel completely assured they are safe.

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