What Are Your Storage Options When You’ve Moved Into A Smaller Property?

When you move into a smaller property, you may struggle to find a place to put all your things. Read about storage options to keep your new compact home streamline.A small house - storage options required

Moving into a smaller property can make sense for so many reasons. Just some of the reasons people move into a smaller home are:

  • Moving for work where property is more for less
  • Downsizing in exchange for a better location
  • To save money
  • As a temporary solution to finding a long-term home
  • After retiring or after the children have moved out of the home

Regardless of your reason for downsizing, there’s one thing everybody who downsizes has in common and that is going from lots of space for your stuff, to a lot less space for your stuff.

Most of us don’t want to live in a home crammed in with our belongings and not much room to even walk around, so what do you do with all your stuff when you downsize?

Here are some easy ideas for your belongings if you are facing a downsize in the near future:

Can You Parents Or Friends Help?

It might seem a little cheeky to ask friends or family to store your stuff, especially if you are well into adulthood. However, if your move is only temporary, or you’re simply figuring out long-term storage options, it isn’t out of the question to ask, if they happen to have a spare corner of the garage.

How About Cheap Self Storage?

Cheap self storage is extremely flexible whereby you can switch the size of the unit you rent, or end your contract very easily. There are facilities all over the UK so you can get self storage London, or anywhere close to where you live. Self storage companies are proud to offer secure, dry and sometimes even climate controlled units for you to store your belongings in.

See how much you can save on self storage costs

What About Garden Storage?

Garden storage comes in all shapes and sizes, and doesn’t have to be a huge shed. You can get all different sized lock boxes that are also waterproof and work ideally to store items like camping gear, winter clothes, toys and garden equipment. Do not store anything in the garden you would be devastated to have stolen or damaged. Do insure items stored away from the house if they are of a high value. Just as sheds can be easily broken into, so can garden storage boxes. However, if you’ve got items that are not deeply sentimental that are easily replaced, they could prove a useful investment.

Do You Definitely Need Everything You Own?

Is it possible that you don’t need everything that you own? Sometimes we can think we need storage for items we actually don’t want or need. How easy is it to pack away things in boxes without really thinking about what they mean to us? Try going through your belongings after watching Marie Kondo and you’ll quickly downsize what you own. Who knows, you might declutter so much you don’t actually need any extra storage!

Remember, there is always storage available, we just have to be innovative, creative and sometimes, very determined. With the options above and some perseverance you’ll have a place for all your stuff soon enough

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