What Is A Digital Nomad?

Have you ever wondered what a digital nomad is? In this article you’ll find out, and might even be inspired to become one yourself..

A digital nomad working by the pool

Have you ever wondered what a digital nomad is? The word gets banded around a lot these days, but lots of people still don’t really understand what the term means. Interestingly, when a lot of people do understand what a digital nomad is, they often aspire to lead a similar lifestyle. It’s not right for everyone, but it might just be right for you.

Let’s take a closer look at what a digital nomad is and, how you could become one:

What is A Digital Nomad?

A digital nomad is a person who works remotely online. They could be managing a drop-shipping business, writing, working as a consultant or even a remote teacher. As long as the job can be done with an internet connection, it works for this kind of lifestyle.

The nomad part of the title comes from the lifestyle of the person working remotely. Because there is the freedom to work from anywhere with an internet connection, digital nomads tend to move around, working from different locations and combining travel with their work.

In addition, the nomad part of the title suggests the person does not have a home through choice. Often they may have minimal belongings on their person enabling them to move from place to place whenever they want with ease. Of course, they may have a cheap self storage unit with more substantial things held securely, but that cheap self storage unit could remain untouched for long periods of time as they travel around freely.

For The Love Of Travel

Many people don’t just work remotely, but operate as a digital nomad for the love of travel. That is where the amazing Instagram images of people working on a beach or with mountain ranges in the background come from. When you can work online you can work anywhere with good WIFI or internet connection. In addition, when you’re not working you have all the time you want to explore the place you have travelled to. You may well choose your own working hours so the freedom you have to explore and lead the kind of life you have always dreamed of is extensive.

Becoming A Digital Nomad

Do you fancy the digital nomad life? If the kind of lifestyle where you travel around working online and having adventures tickles your fancy, why not make it happen? If the pandemic taught us anything, it is that life is too short not to do the things we want to do.

To get there you’ll need to figure out how your life would need to change. For some people who already work remotely, it could be as simple as chucking everything into cheap self storage and getting on a plane. For others, there may be a career change, lifestyle change and other important moves to make to get to a digital nomad lifestyle. If permanent digital nomad life isn’t possible, there’s always the chance of a temporary hiatus from your current situation. A gap between careers perhaps? A temporary remote position taken on holiday maybe?

The key to making digital nomadism happen for you is having a view to problem solve. How can you work around the hurdles that prevent you getting where you want?

For more information on the ‘settler vs digital nomad’ life checkout this informative Youtube video.

“Adventure is a path. Real adventure, self-determined, self-motivated, often risky, forces you to have firsthand encounters with the world.” – Mark Jenkins

Whether you fancy becoming a digital nomad or not, their lifestyles can certainly inspire us all to nurture the kind of life we want, because life overall, really is too short not to.

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