Where Are The Best Places To Retire In The UK?

If you are thinking about your retirement, this article will help you gain some inspiration about where you might want to retire in the UK


retire in the UK


Retiring is a wonderful part of life, where we leave work behind and instead, spend time relaxing with loved ones. There are many wonderful areas to retire in the UK.

Lots of retirees choose to move somewhere else for their retirement. Perhaps you always liked the idea of a coastal retreat, or meandering through a quaint village in your golden years.

In the later chapters of your life, you deserve to be in a setting that you truly love.

Here are some of the best places to retire in the UK:


Plymouth has a lot to offer retirees, with a massive 144 eateries, pubs and cafes. Over 50 outdoor spaces and religious buildings. There are also lots of activity centres and sports centres to enjoy. Plymouth is also a 1-2 hour distance to Devon or Cornwall, providing endless scope for adventure.

For an active and social retired couple, Plymouth is a great idea.


Southampton has over 200 cafes, eateries and pubs and a wide variety of cinemas, sports centres and other types of entertainment. Situated on the coast, there are lots of places to enjoy nature and walks. Southampton is within 1-2 hours of London, Brighton and Bournemouth providing lots of opportunity for exploration and enjoyment elsewhere.


Nottingham is a rapidly expanding city with over 230 cafes, pubs and eateries and nearly 50 cinemas. There are also some beautiful outdoor spaces within the city and just outside of the city, such as Wollaton Hall, which has been featured in a Batman movie before.

Retirees may appreciate that the city has an incredible transportation system. Being in the Midlands you are within easy reach of almost anywhere in the UK via trains, planes and road systems.


Cardiff is huge and has over 250 cafes, pubs and eateries. For retirees looking for an area with lots to do and plenty of opportunity for socialising, Cardiff is a great choice.

Cardiff is also within easy reach of the natural beauty Wales has to offer, such as Snowdon, Carmarthenshire and The Brecon Beacons.


Cornwall is a popular retirement county because it has so much to offer retirees. In harbour towns like Falmouth and Fowey those who are interested in boating and being on the water have plenty of opportunity to indulge their interests. Alternatively, smaller villages like Mousehole, St Ives and St Agnes offer a slower pace. Being by the sea, you can also enjoy swimming, birding, fishing, surfing and kayaking if you want to.

The ideas above are just a few options for retirees looking to retire somewhere beautiful. If you aren’t sure on where you want to live, perhaps putting your things into cheap self storage and doing a trial move could be a great idea. That way all your eggs are not in one basket. You can always take your things back out of cheap self storage and remain in your current home if the trial move doesn’t work out.




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