Why Your Startup Doesn’t Need A Physical Office

Find out why your new business venture can succeed without the expensive overheads associated with a physical office space.

Self Storage Units

When you think about starting a business and employing people you might envision a small office space with employees interacting and exchanging ideas and hopefully winning successes in the growth of the company. However, this kind of scene isn’t necessarily going to be your reality. New businesses do not always need to have a physical office space any more.

Of course there are benefits to having an office. You have somewhere to take clients and have meetings with them. Also, you have storage space for stock and paperwork. The, you have a dedicated space to focus on work without any distractions. Lastly, you get to leave the office behind at the end of a day and create space between work and home life.

But those benefits absolutely do not outweigh the amazing benefits to not having an office as a startup company. There are some incredible benefits to getting rid of an office, including but not limited to:

The Savings

You can save money avoiding the costs of office hire which can be absolutely shocking and high if you are hiring in a city space. They can cost thousands of pounds you could be spending on all kinds of new growth for your company.

You’ll Embrace Online Team members

These days you do not have to have local employees. Using Skype, conference calls, social media and other technology you can hire people all over the world if you want to, they do not have to be in the physical space of an office.

Your Growth Is Under Your Control

You don’t need to worry about the costs of your office hindering the next step of growth in your business. You also don’t need to worry about how to pay for the office if your company needs to take a step back. By avoiding committing to an office you benefit from the freedom to grow and shrink your new company as you need to.

Worried About Storage Space?

You may wonder how you will store your stock, office equipment or other business items if you don’t have an office. You might not have room at home, or you may not want to fill your home with business goods.

The solution to this is cheap self storage. You can pay for a unit as small or as large as you need, and flexible access and rates mean you can use the unit as you need to, and you can get a smaller or bigger unit as you need to.

If you get a good internet connection at home or in your local coffee shop and you utilise the exceptional business benefits of a self storage unit you have no need to pay through the nose for an office for your startup. You can save all that money and save yourself that restricted contract today, benefiting your new business now and in the future.