Focusing On Wellness: A New Start In A New Home

Find out more about how to have a healthy and happy new beginning in your new place, with useful and easy-to-apply tips. 


Moving can be such a stressful event, and the unfamiliarity of the new house and new area can mean it’s really hard to settle once the big moving day has been and gone. But there is a silver lining – this incredible blank slate you have to work with. It has the power to be a cosy, comforting, welcoming haven that fully supports your goals in a new chapter of your life. It’s the perfect place to relax, socialise, work on new projects and find stability at a time of great change. 


Let’s take a closer look at how focusing on creating a healthy, happy new place can support your wellbeing, and turn four walls into a home, not just a house: 

Mindfully Unpacking


Now that you’re in your new place, it’s time to dive into the art of unpacking. Rather than this being a chore, it can actually be a great opportunity to process various emotions, and put your own stamp on this new home. Mindful unpacking is how you combine the process of unpacking with an awareness of what you are unpacking, and what you’re doing with each item. Mindfulness and packing combined makes for a really great way to enhance your wellness in this new space. 


First things first, don’t be afraid to let go of clutter, which is known to impact our working memory and reduce our ability to focus. You will naturally accumulate all sorts over time, and if you didn’t have a chance to declutter before the move, you certainly can now that you have moved – it is never too late. Items you don’t want, need, or that have broken or spoiled during the move can be sold, recycled or given away. If you’re not quite ready to part with something yet and want some time and space to decide whether it belongs, local self-storage can come to the rescue and keep it safe until another time. 


Once you’ve cleared all your bits and bobs, it’s time to organise your new space. Think about how you want each room to serve your family, and function. Every room is a blank space, and they can resonate with your goals and values. It’s much easier to think about all this when the rooms are empty, than when you have unpacked and everything is already in place, so take advantage of it and think hard about the goals you’d like to achieve with setting up each room. 


This is a fresh start and by considering each and every item, why you’re keeping it and where you want it to go, you’re filling your new place out with intentions, dreams and functionality. 

Decorating With Intention


When it comes to decorating your new home, think of it as a chance to express yourself and to positively splatter your personality all over the place. 

Start by choosing colours that have special meaning for you, with emotions, feelings and memories associated with those tones. Try to also, where possible, include a harmonious palette too, so that there is an ability to unwind away from more intense or bold colour choices. 

You can usually create palettes based on different spaces. Kitchens and bedrooms, for example, tend to be more neutral and relaxing. Single toilets, design spaces and dining rooms can often allow more chances to be expressive with colour schemes. 


When it comes to your ‘stuff’ like furniture, curtains and accessories, begin by choosing décor that holds a meaning for you, like your favourite family art pieces, travel mementos, ornaments you love – these are pieces of your story, not just decorative pieces. 


To embrace a serene mind, do remain mindful of clutter as you decorate. It’s amazing to place everything with intention, but if the place seems so busy, don’t be afraid to pull back and remove a few pieces – you can always add them back if you want to at a later date. 


Another great avenue to pursue when you decorate your new place with intention, is the art of hygge. It’s the perfect way to create cosy and inviting corners where you can take time out, and discover far off lands in the audiobooks you listen to, the art you create, or the books you read. These cosy corners are also designed to encourage socialising, and enjoying special moments with those you love – and hopefully new friends you’re making locally. Those cosy corners should be full of blankets, soft lighting, comfy seating and lots of room for everyone to get comfortable. 


Once you have decorated your house it is so important to make the most of this fresh start by inviting people over. Why not start making memories now? Your house looks exceptional and this is a brand new chapter – cheers to new beginnings. 

Making the Most of Outdoor Spaces


First and foremost, if you have an outdoor space at your new place, you absolutely need to embrace it. Spending time outdoors can do wonders for your health, and you have your very own slice of it in your backyard! Fresh air, sunshine and the sounds of nature can take your stress away quickly, so it makes sense to make sure your little piece of the outdoors is designed to work perfectly for your needs. 


You’ll want to remove any obvious overgrown, unsightly or weeded areas. There’s always room for a small patch of ‘wild’ meadow or wilderness to support wildlife, but overall a garden is best well-managed and in zones. A nice lawn, some flower beds, well-pruned bushes, pot plants and an area to sit and enjoy company. These kinds of sections should be part of your thinking when you’re sorting out the garden at your new place. Some lighting and shelter also helps to ensure that you can enjoy the outdoor space in all weathers. 

Your Wellness Journey Starts at Home

In the pursuit of wellness in our new homes, it is a good idea to craft a space that helps us to connect to nature, to others, and to ourselves. 


With a beautiful and expressive colour palette, well thought out décor, and a mindful approach to every space in your new place, you can create an incredibly strong base from which to grow and thrive. 


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