Moving Abroad? We Can Help

Moving abroad is the biggest move you can make in life, and it takes a lot of planning. Here we look at how self storage can help the process be less stressful.


Moving abroad is a huge move, a massive change in life and you are literally signing up for a completely new life. What to do with your house and everything in it is the biggest hurdle to overcome once you have set up your plan to move abroad. It isn’t just a room or a garage full of a few bits and pieces, it is an entire house full of a lifetime’s worth of stuff. What do you do with it all?


If you are renting your house out, you may well be able to place some of the items in the rental so they are at least being used. However this doesn’t stop you having to make some difficult decisions about the items you love.


One excellent first step is to have a harsh declutter. Check out The Minimalists who have a documentary on Netflix, and have a really harsh decluttering session of your entire house. Think about each and every item and whether or not it adds to your life in some way. You can afford to have ‘just because’ items in your current home, but not so much when they all add to expensive shipping costs to get everything overseas to you.


Many items will be easy to sell, or give away, but many won’t. There will be items you know that you don’t really need and which can be replaced with something similar overseas, and there will be irreplaceable items that you absolutely have to hang on to. Having this sort of clearout is an amazing idea and will be very helpful for your next steps.


Once you have done your harsh clearout, perhaps think about placing your items in self storage for six months. There are many good self storage places around offering excellent security, climate control, various sized units, friendly customer service, collection and delivery and competitive rates. You might be going full steam into your move but it might be helpful to have a backup and keep your items just in case. Alternatively you might want to wait to ship items over so you have time to renovate your new property or decorate it and settle in.


Looking For A Self Storage Company

When you look for a self storage unit make sure you are picky because these are your precious belongings, you don’t want them being stored just anywhere.


See how much you can save on self storage costs


When looking for the right self storage company consider the following:


  • Are they competitively priced?
  • Do they have all the expected security like CCTV, lighting and 24/7 access?
  • Is the contract flexible?
  • Are the prices fixed so you know what the whole storage period will cost?
  • Is it a family run or national company?
  • Does the facility appear well kept?
  • Is there the option for climate control?


Your big move is going to be fantastic, but it does pay to spend time ensuring your stuff is well looked after in the meantime. Happy moving!

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