5 Tips For How Storage Improves Family Life

Family life brings many challenges, and self storage can help with some of those in ways you might have not even thought of, here’s how.


Family life brings many tests, from the birth of your child and into the rest of its life, there are always ups and downs and every thing in between. Self storage won’t be able to ease the pain of childbirth, help your child make friends at school, and help your child get into university, but self storage can help with plenty of other things.


Here are 5 ways self storage can help with family life:


Sports & Hobbies

Sports and hobbies are wonderful but come with a ton of equipment. That equipment can clutter garages, spare rooms and everywhere in the house if you’re not careful. Using self storage for sports gear and hobby equipment is a great idea because it means you can save all the space taken up by tennis rackets, bikes, skis and helmets, only accessing it when you need to. You might even save money on replacements as the equipment is likely to be much safer in a quiet, climate controlled unit than it is at home.


New Babies

New babies take up so much space, which is strange as they are so tiny! But they come with changing cabinets, toys, clothes, nappies, anything you can think of. That stuff only doubles and triples as time goes on as the baby grows and needs more and more stuff. Cheap self storage can help tremendously when you have a new baby. You can clear a whole room out and store the items to make space for a nursery. You can also later store baby items that you intend to save for your next child. You can even store items you want to sell but don’t have time to at the moment.


Quality Time

Quality time with children can be difficult at home when there is a lack of space. If you find yourself wishing that you had extra space for painting or playing with your children, or you wish you could have a spare play room for them, then cheap self storage is a great idea. It is basically an extra room on your property, only you don’t have to pay the price of an extension or new house to get it.

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Children love to have sleepovers, but perhaps they can’t because the spare room is full of items and their room is too small. Maybe Gran would love to come and stay in the six weeks holidays to spend time with the kids but the spare room is a storage room. Self storage means you can declutter and gain the space to bring guests in whenever you want to. The kids will love having friends to stay and you’ll love having your parents over to help out with the children during the school holidays.



As children get older they want their own privacy and to have a room to call their own. If this sounds familiar, now might be the time to clear out the spare/junk room so your children can have their own space. Use self storage to help you declutter it and enable your child to get the privacy they are desperate for.


Remember, family life is tricky enough without having to struggle for space. Self storage can help you gain an extra room, for affordable monthly costs – if you think it’s too expensive then just check our price comparison table. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our low prices.

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