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5 Ways To Prevent Moving In Bad Weather Becoming A Total Washout

Read about 5 ways you can ensure your moving day isn’t completely ruined by bad weather, when you choose to move house in the less sunny months. Moving house usually happens in summer, because of the great weather, and in line with the busiest time of year for house sales. However, sometimes house moves happen ... Continued

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25 Things You Definitely Need When You’re Moving House

Read all about the things you definitely need when you’re moving house. These things won’t take the stress away, but they will definitely make the move easier. Moving house is a really stressful time, and you can’t really do anything about that, because there isn’t a way to stop there being at least some level ... Continued

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What Are Your Storage Options When You’ve Moved Into A Smaller Property?

When you move into a smaller property, you may struggle to find a place to put all your things. Read about storage options to keep your new compact home streamline. Moving into a smaller property can make sense for so many reasons. Just some of the reasons people move into a smaller home are: Moving ... Continued

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Top Tips To Help You Make A Packing Plan For Your House Move

Find out how to make a packing plan for your belongings for an organised house move that avoids anything getting lost or broken. Moving house is not easy, but there are lots of things you can do during a house move to make the process as easy as it possibly can be. Packing is one ... Continued

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5 Tips To Help You Complete A Stress-Free House Move

Quick tips and guidance on the final part of moving house, and what to remember during the final stages of your house move. During the final stages of moving house there is a lot going on, which can mean you’re more likely to forget important things that need sorting out. Moving house can also be ... Continued

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Little Known Details You Must Add To Your Moving House To-Do List

Find out these little known details that will ensure your house move runs as smoothly as possible, without adding even more stress to the process. Moving house is known to be stressful and anybody who has moved house knows this to be true. As spring approaches, you might be planning to move house, in which ... Continued

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Cheap Self Storage for Moving House

How To Carry Heavy Items Safely

Find out tips and tricks to help you protect your physical health when you’re moving heavy items around. Renovating, decorating, filling a cheap self storage unit or even just moving things around is all well and good for personal progress, until you hurt yourself moving something heavy. Moving bulky items without the right techniques could ... Continued

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How To Have A Stress-Free Winter Move

Find out how to have a house move that is much lower in stress during the colder months, which can make moving house more difficult.  Moving house is stressful anyway, without then adding in a winter move to make it more difficult. Didn’t they get the memo? Winter is for hibernating, not for moving house! ... Continued

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Moving to Notting Hill

Your Essential Guide to Buying And Renovating An Old Home

Find out everything you need to know about renovating an old home, including tips on storage, purchasing, budgeting and planning. The Essential Guide to Buying And Renovating An Old Home Although there are lots of amazing new builds available to buy in the UK, many people still prefer an older build. For many, buying and ... Continued

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A Complete Guide to Moving Stuff from A to B

Find out how to ensure all your household belongings get packed up, moved, stored or unpacked in this detailed guide. Moving house is never going to be an easy task, because there is so much to it. It is like one huge project with lots of different elements to constantly chase up and rearrange. Add ... Continued

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