Solving Storage Issues In Childrens Bedrooms

Children take up a lot of space, there’s no doubt about that. Here we look at solving storage issues in childrens bedrooms.

When the kids go back to school there is always that moment when you realise you’ve added loads of new school uniform onto old. You take a look around and see an abundance of new toys amassed over summer, and wonder how on earth all of the new Christmas gifts are going to fit in just a few months. Surely Santa won’t even fit in this room as it is now?

When the kids go back to school many parents find themselves having a bit of a post-summer tidy up, only to find all the new summer clothes and toys just don’t seem to have a place to go. When this happens, it is time to think about storage. The chances are, you’re only going to need more space in the coming years for sports kits, bigger and better gadgets and toys. There will come a time when your child’s room just doesn’t seem big enough. Here are some tips to help you create more storage for your child’s room:

Think With Your Head Not Your Heart

When you’re going through everything considering what you could chuck out, you need to be brutal. If any of the clothes won’t fit next year, give them to charity, to a friend, or sell them. It might seem obvious but many of us just wash the clothes and put them away without thinking about when they will next be used.

Give Items A Home

Try to have a shelf, box or basket for everything. You can discuss the organisation with your child, or observe which items they usually use together. You might have one shelf for books, a basket for soft toys and a box for art supplies. If everything has ‘a home’ then it is less likely to end up strewn across the floor or in the corner of the room.

Make Sure You Can Get To Everything

It doesn’t make sense to place certain things in a box that goes under the bed, if those items are used regularly, or if only you can pull the box out but your child needs their own access. Anything used every day needs instant access, anything used occasionally like spare quilts, more elaborate toys and hobby items can be placed where they are less accessible.

Choose Clever Ways To Store

When you purchase any furniture or accessories for your child’s room, make sure the items give you extra storage. For example, if they are having their first grown up bed, don’t purchase a block bed with no storage underneath – opt for a bed with drawers underneath or space for plastic storage boxes. Try looking in popular homeware stores for clever storage solutions like rails you can attach storage buckets to, and net underwear holders you can hang from the wardrobe. Where possible, multifunctional items are an excellent choice.

Every Square Foot Matters

When it comes to storage, every square foot matters. Space on the walls (where it is safe), corners, the back of the door – make every single inch matter so you know you have fully utilised the space.

Self Storage

If you do find that you have completely utilised the space and simply don’t have any way to create more, cheap self storage could be a great option for you. It is affordable, flexible and most importantly means you can essentially extend your home storage capacity by as much as you want, the only compromise is having items stored away from your property, which is easily overcome by ensuring you only store items you don’t need immediately. It could be the perfect option to keep things your child needs but not right now, like seasonal toys or sports gear, whilst also ensuring their room is organised and clutter free.

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